Carry-on luggage size 4 Int'l flights

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  1. So I'm going to buy new luggage. I want to ensure that it meets the carryon limits. The domestic maximum is 22", but it seems the international limit is in centimeters, which works out to about 21.5".

    Has anyone had to check their luggage on international flights for being a half-inch over the limit? Am I better off with a 20" suitcase?

    Thanks much...

  2. they made me check my carryon on AIRFRANCE -- it was over the weight limit
  3. I don't think you'll have any problems.. mine is like 24" and I've been all over Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The only time I had to check mine in was if the overhead was full or when I was in Bangkok and the overhead was the kind that flipped down instead of flipping up(the bag was too heavy for that).
  4. Without going into all the details, I will tell you that if you are planning to fly American Airlines, you had better call them and confirm their size for carry on. I had an incident last month. Long story short...they made me check my very standard size carry on luggage that has fit into the overhead bin on both international and domestic flights and then they charged me $200 for an extra bag!

    It was an unbelievable experience.

    I wrote to them and explained how "random" the process was. They wrote back and said too bad. I re-wrote and told them that I am finished with them. Won't fly them to the US and won't fly them domestic.

    The just sent me a voucher for the $200........but save yourself the aggravation and call them just to be sure.

    I think they have some kind of a racket going to try and get more money out of people.
  5. Air France is weighing all carry on luggage, fyi. Only 12 kilos.
  6. There was a time a little while ago at Heathrow airport where they were very strict about the size of carry ons, if your bag couldnt fit into the measuring thingie they wouldnt let you take it with you. The last time I through out of heathrow was last year and they eased up on the rule, not too sure about now. I think its really luck whether you get hassles about carry ons or not, sometimes they let a lot go and other times they can be very nit picky.
  7. They still have the thing to check to see if your bag fits in it now, but they are a little more easygoing now. I think that thing is there just stop people with bags with wheels going onto the aircraft.
  8. So does that mean your carry on can't have wheels?
  9. Yes you can. It's for the carry on with wheels that are obviously too big for the aircraft.
  10. i was told it obvi varies by airline, but for the most part, domestic max is 22" and international max is 20"
  11. The general limits are 36cm x 56cm x 23cm. And remember that you have a weight restriction as well! My mom works for Cathay, and has these numbers memorised! :biggrin:
  12. Yeah, that is the main thing to remember. EVERY airline has different restrictions.
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