Carry-on Luggage ?'s LV vs. ....

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  1. Probably remember that I posted a few days ago about needing a carryon bag for a few trips to FL we are making this summer... I have narrowed the choice down to a monogram keepall 55 w/ strap (is it worth it for the strap? I assumed yes but I'd gladly accept any experiences/advice) or the Heys Xcase 20" rolling suitcase. Here is my debate:

    a. the heys is 67.00 and the LV is 1130! I travel on weekends to the lake were my parents live often so I'm sure I would use both. How can I justiy spending more on the LV to my SO??!?!

    b. my SO says I should get the heys for a few reasons 1. less "flashy" at the airport (he thinks I'm attracting muggers) and 2. I will baby my LV to death and this does not go well with a travel bag!

    Please advise!

    Here is a picture of the Heys Case (I would get the red although it comes in many colors)

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  2. Hmm i don't know if the bag is the right size for a carry-on get a LV.
    I really want a LV carry on but i would never let them put it with the other suitcases!!!
    I would be worrying the whole trip!
    ^ Thats a cute suitcase aswell why not get both? ;)
    But i like LV!
  3. You don't need to baby the LV too much (they are very sturdy) and you are right to get the strap, since you can decide on a trip by trip basis whether you prefer to carry it with or without the strap. You should get both bags for car trips and keep the keepall as a carryon bag for flights. Have I enabled you enough;)? Also, don't worry about getting will be too heavy for someone to yank away!
  4. If youre going to carry it everywhere with you then the LV, but you dont want to be worried about it being stolen at an airport(its happened to a friend of mine).
  5. I always take my damier keepall 50 as carry on and I don't think it's flashy or anything like that :yes:

    I also have a couple of Diane van Fustemberg and Ralph Lauren trolleys in case I need to take more clothes than just for a couple of days (mostly, business travel) and I couldn't care less if I have to check them in ;) (I would never ever check my keepall in!!!)

    But, as Kaiie Chanel stated, why not get both? After spending more than 1k, another 70 bucks won't make such a difference!!!! :wlae:
  6. I use my Keepall 55 w/strap as a carry on all the time. I don't think it looks anymore flashy than my big LV handbags!
  7. I would get a keepall 55. I like things I can carry close to me and have a watchful eye on when necessary.
  8. Get the Keepall with the strap! This is a great piece and my husband has taken his allover the world! If you use it as a carry on, it is never out of your nobody would steal it. Also it is super rugged, the rodees that travel with my husbands band have hucked this thing across more tour buses than I can count, and it looks fine still. Definately worth the money.
  9. As long as it is for a carry on and not checked luggage, get the LV. You will love it and it will be useful for years and years to come. One day I will get an LV duffle too:yes:.
  10. Thanks for all the advice just a couple more questions...

    Do you ever worry that your LV bag/luggage will get stolen in the room by hotel staff that may/can enter your room? I'm going to have to leave my handbag in the room while at a wedding and I was thinking if I got the Heys luggage I could lock my bag in the suitcase.

    I hardly EVER travel so sorry if this is a dumb question I just wanted to be prepared!
  11. Nop, I don't worry... because, at the end of the day, any luggage can be stolen.
    I always leave it in the room and (knocking on wood!!!) nothing happened... perhaps they think is a fake :roflmfao: you never know... mostly for business travellers, I mean, you usually take a Tumi, Samsonite, etc, not a stylish LV :tup:!!!
  12. Get the strap! You'll be glad you did if you pack a lot and the bag gets heavy. I think both bags are quite different - the suitcase rolls so you can put heavier stuff in there that you don't need to access right away, whereas the keepall is held so you can put overnight stuff/toiletries/things you need right away in there. I agree with the others - if you keep it on your body, it will be too heavy to snatch away! Rather, you can use it as a weapon and smack would-be thieves in the head. :nuts: I never check my luggage and even if you have both bags you won't have to either, if you use the carryall as a purse. A co-worker of mine was on a business flight home w/ his SO and the flight was overbooked and they were offered 600 euros ($900!) to take a later flight but they couldn't because they had already checked their luggage!
  13. I use my Mono Keepall 55 w/strap everywhere I go! I'm heading for Florida next Monday and so is my Keepall. I never worry about leaving it in the room. As a matter of fact, on my last day, I'll leave it with the hotel staff all day because check out is at 11 in the morning but my flight isn't until 7 that night. Not much fun lugging it along all day. I buy all of my LVs to use them, not worry about them.
  14. I would get the LV or even both. That way you can decide which one to take on a case by case basis.
  15. Depends on hotel but, yes sometimes I lock my keepall and LV's inside sturdy Samsonite...;)