Carry on bag?

  1. I don't have that bag but I think it would make a fabulous carry-on. It's a good color and you could wipe it off very easily.
  2. I don't have that one, but I do have the Hamptons Weekend Tote from a couple years ago. It is my EVERYTHING bag. School bag, carryon, overnight bag... I would imagine this would be just as great. It looks larger, and the material is basically indestructible.
  3. no, but it looks like it would work. and quite fashionably too.
  4. i was thinking of getting the same thing as my carry on!
  5. i personally would still get the hampton's multifunction simply because when i fly its a loooong flight and i dont travel light so i need the extra room.
  6. Which one is the multi function? The huge one I origionally posted? (sorry I can't get the names straight)

    Thanks :smile:
  7. yup...its the first one you posted!
  8. I"m thinking about getting the weekend tote when I get my new Macbook. I think the size is perfect ofr just about anything!
  9. i vote for the weekend tote. i love the green!
  10. Went to NYC on Tuesday to see the "Martha!" show... (she sucked - did not even ACKNOWLEDGE her studio audience -- we were just human clapping machines...) but I managed to buy a new Coach bag!!

    We were having drinks outside at some brasserie accross the street from Rockefeller Center and out of the corner of my eye, I see a Coach store. (Yay!) With a very nice Ketel One buzz I went in and bought the Hamptons Weekend tote in black.

    I think I still may return it and get the Multifunction one... they DID have that huge hamptons weekend travel satchel and it was like 3 times the size of the one I got.. way too big.. So if I can muster up the extra $150 to upgrade to the multifunction I think I may do that..

    Pictures when I (finally) decide :p