Carry-On bag rules???

  1. I really hope someone can help me! In about two months, my FH and I will be going on our honeymoon to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    I am curious about some flying rules, though. Does anyone know if you are allowed to carry a carry-on bag and a purse??? Or do you have to combine the two??? It's been awhile since I've had to fly anywhere, and when I looked online, I found lists of things you can no longer carry (no LIP GLOSS!!! I NEED my lip gloss:sad: ) Anyway, I couldn't find anything about carry-on bags...but I suppose FH won't have one, so he could just carry my purse...:roflmfao:

    Anyway, does anyone know???

    Thanks in advance!!!:p
  2. Hi! I think the rules about the lip gloss are outdated now. You can take liquids/gels less than 3 oz. and they have to all be in a quart-sized plastic bag. You can have both a carry-on bag and a personal item (purse, backpack, briefcase, shopping bag). So you should be fine! I hope you have a great time.

    Here is the official word from the TSA:
  3. you're allowed so much more than we are :wtf:

    scissors?!?!? we haven't been allowed scissors since just after 9/11! not even tweezers :push:

    actually i *think* we might be allowed tweezers now but it doesn't say anywhere on the uk rules and i just KNOW they'd get confiscated if i tried putting them in my hand luggage.

    if you're only going in two months i'd check again then, these rules do change all the time.
  4. Haha, my thoughts exactly.
  5. 1 handbag, one small piece of luggage.
  6. Haha I totally agree. I love reading the banned articles list at the airport, some of them are just funny like snooker cues and cricket bats. Why on earth would I put one of those in my hand luggage in the first place? It's hardly going to fit in your handbag.
  7. I carry one roll on luggage and a small duffle.
  8. One bag and a carry on luggage. It depends on the airport, but like in asia, they have this metal frame that is about the size of an average carry on luggage and if your bag does not fit inside, they will check it in for you. Most of the time, airline people will weigh your carry on luggage (not your purse) and make sure it will not go over 9 kilos or roughly 18lbs. Anything over, you will asked to transfer it to your luggage. Because of 9/11 and the stupid person who tried to smuggle in liquid explosives in an airplane, it is usually the planes flying into the US that are super strict. I flew from asia to the US a few weeks ago and they do not even allow any liquids within the 3oz limit!
  9. Actually, it's funny...less than one year after 9/11 hubby and I went on our honeymoon to Maui and I took a little pair of folding sewing scissors!!! LOL And tweazers. Gives ya lots of faith in their screening doesn't it? HA! :wtf:

    I've always taken one purse and one carry on bag. You should be okay with that.
  10. Hi

    When I fly, I have my carry on hand luggage, which goes in the overhead locker. BUT, I always carry a small across body bag with essential medical supplies for the flight. Otherwise you are not allowed to have a bag of any kind on your knee.

    Even though there were major security issues in October when we flew, the cross body bag I had was never an issue to any of the staff etc.

  11. In my experience here in Canada, the rules depend on who's working "security" that particular day.

    But if you want the real skinny - go to the website of the airline you're flying and find out for sure what kind of restrictions apply.
  12. A few weeks ago I forgot my lip gloss in my purse, they found it when it went thru screening and they didn't know what it was..when they found it they started laughing and put it back in my purse. I don't know what was so funny, but I've had some that take them away. I guess it all depends on the worker.

    Best thing to do is put them in the clear quart sized bag like katheryn mentioned.
  13. Thanks everyone!!!! This helps A LOT!!! katheryn, thanks for the great link, this is exactly what I was trying to find!!!
  14. The rules for international travel are different! Make sure you check to see what the rules are for the airports you will be stopping in.
  15. Thank you for your help everyone!! I never thought to check out the international airport that we would be stopping it!!!