carry both zip coin purse and zip wallet?

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  1. I am new to BV still and trying to make my decisions. i am interested in the zip around wallet but i also love the zip coin purse.. i think it is really cute and just perfect.. i see that there is a place for coins in the zip wallet which makes me wonder what i am going to do with the coin purse? does anyone carry both and if so which do you put your coins in? thanks!!!!!
  2. I don't have the zip coin purse but I do have the zip wallet, and I do not put my coins in the wallet - I put them in my red ladybug coin purse! So I definitely think you can have both - and I think your wallet will look better without the bulge of coins in it, too. So I say get both!
  3. Hello bextasy, welcome to the gorgeous world of BV!

    I don't have a coin purse and like you, I'm very tempted to get one but for what, I wonder too! You see, I have the zip wallet and I do use the centre coin compartment. However, i do keep my coins to the minimum and on the rare occasion where I do have quite a fair amount of loose change, the wallet is still able to keep its shape.
  4. ^^ditto ditto~! :tup:

    I also use the zip wallet (The longer one).. and the coin compartment is ample enough to keep the amount of change I keep in there. I usually shake it around to even out the change in there if it starts to bulk up on 1 side. ;)
  5. Guys, you are not enabling poor bextasy very well!! Repeat after me - no, the long zip wallet DOES NOT work well for coins so yes, you should definitely get the coin purse too!!!
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. I have two small zip arounds I use for credit cards. Is that the same as the coin purse, if so I love it and used the first one in limo so much that I ordered the almature zip. Here's a pic.

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  8. Bextasy- I carry the zip around wallet as well as the zip around coin/credit card case. In my wallet I use the center zip compartment for my cleaning pick up receipts, as well as my ATM card, and some coins.. I try to empty out coins at least once a week before the wallet gets to heavy from all the coins..I always keep mostly quarters for parking meters in my zip around coin case just to know I always will have some change with me and an occasional couple of dollars.. I like having the structure of the coin case as opposed to the animal can see in easily and do not have to spill out your change to get what you want... However, I try to keep change at a minimum in both pieces, so not to add a lot of weight to may bags..
  9. Thank you everyone! I decided I am going to get the wallet and the coin holder. I am not sure what colors yet but i am thinking staying neutral with black,brown, etc.... I am very happy i posted about this because i ususally overstuff my coin holders and now i know i can not do this with BV. I am first waiting for the okay from my SO for the bag and then eventaully i will move onto the wallet and coin holder.. I can't wait to see anyone elses answers! Thanks again :ty: