Carry-all totes

  1. Hello Coach fans...

    Okay, so I have already been planning my next Coach purchase (though it may be a while away), and I've decided that I would like a more structured bag for my next Coach. I have decided to go w/ a Sig. Carry-all tote. But I have a few questions about them.

    First, how much larger is the Large than the meduim? Because when I recieved my medium carly, I was a little surprised, because I thought it would be a little bigger. So I want to make sure of the size. If you own one of these bags, a modeling pic and your height would be helpful if you have one. Thanks!

    Also, can you tell me what the difference between a lg. carry-all and a business carry-all is? I didn't see any differences between the pictures.

    Thank you for your help!:heart:
  2. I am also looking to get one....I really need a large one for my classes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    I tried these on and I am 5'9, they fit me perfect...There great for everyday use.
  3. I think the business tote is wider than the large.
  4. I have the Demin Tote and use it for my class - it's wide enough to fit 8 1/2 x 11 folders (horizontally), and can hold a ton! I generally carry the text, folders with rosters/handouts, a small novel, and personal items (accordian zip wallet, phone, wristlet, etc).

    Love all the totes. I"m thinking of getting another soon in the Black/Gunmetal (silver).
    Here's the exact sizes - Large tote (#11099):
    22 1/2” straps
    9” drop
    15 1/8 (L) x 10 1/2 (H) x 3 1/4 (W)

    Multifunction Tote (#10838)
    22 1/2” straps
    10” drop
    18 (L) x 11 3/4 (H) x 5 3/4 (W)
    One key difference besides the size: The Demin tote and the Multifunction have wrapping (?) on the handle where it rests on the shoulder - the regular large tote does not. The shoulder straps also both attached through a ring to the bag like the Gallery Tote.
  5. Hello everyone, thank you for responding. I'm sorry, I should have specified. I actually got a little confused, but I meant the Hamptons Carry-all totes, though those Signature stripe totes are pretty too. I was thinking of getting one of those too.

    But I meant these...


    Large Hampton Carry-all

    Large Leather Hampton Carry-all


    Signature Hampton Business Tote...

    What's the difference between the business tote and the lg. carry-all? The first bag I posted has different handles, but the last two I posted are the same size and shape, yet one is labled differently.

    And how much smaller is the medium from the large?

    Thank you!:heart:
  6. Hi...I have the Sig Hampton in Black also...LOOOOVE IT =)
    Trust would never be a regret :tup:
  7. I have the older versions, so I'm not sure if they would be 100% the same as the new versions. Especially since it looks like they changed the overall zipper area, ie the fabric that sticks up a little taller on the newer versions like you posted.

    The Large size is a good size, it holds a lot. It's a size that I find comfy on both the arm and in the crook of the arm.

    The Business size is big, but great!! I love large bags. The biggest difference in the bus vs lg is the back zipper on the business. It runs the length of the bag. The business size is long overall.

    I don't own a medium, but I have almost bought one at an outlet and I find it small. I love the size and I think it would be great if you didn't have a ton to carry. But I prefer larger bags.

    Here are some pictures, I tried to show the size differences.

    In the 3rd and 4th pics I have both sizes in my hands. I know in the 3rd pic it's hard to see that I have the business one in my hand, Sorry. I hope some of these help, if not, again I'm Sorry.
    DSC02467.JPG DSC02463.JPG DSC02468.JPG DSC02469.JPG DSC02465.JPG
  8. Wow....the leather looks a lot softer irl than in the pics online. I think I may actually go for a leather one. Thanks for posting the pics!
  9. Wow, Hell_lo_kitty, those bags are gorgeous.....they look sooo soft. Okay, so I'm liking the zipper on the back of the business tote, and that it looks bigger, so I'm gonna go w/ that one I think.
  10. My siggie shows my large carry-all bag against my 8 month old son. He's only curled up a little bit and it's almost as long as he is. Great size, I can carry lots of stuff in it and it fits comfortably on my shoulder.
  11. I love having the zipper on the back, I always use it to put my cell and keys in so they're easy to find in a flash. But do the newer versions have a zipper on the back??? I haven't seen any in real life yet, so please check if that's a deciding factor.

    I always go back to the business tote time and time again. It is big or better said "longer" but not in a bad way. I think you can kind of see in the 4th pic, that the business size is larger in size, but not toooo large.

    I love the leather. The pebble leather feels like butter and the regular leather is soft as well. I always think the leather bags feel kind of stiff when you first get them, but they "break in" so well!!!!!!
  12. ^^^OK I just went and checked and the new styles do have the zipper!!!! :okay:

    I was afraid that Coach changed the style of the business tote, but it looks like you're good to go. :wlae::tup:
  13. Thanks for checking on that for me!!!
  14. Wow! trying to find information and pics of the Hamptoms Large carryall I found your post! It is very helpful. Do you have it now? I am so curious about how big is, in is just one picture!
  15. I have this one, I'm not sure how old it is exactly, but I don't think it's the Business because it's not very wide and its too big to be medium


    I'll just tell you it's not one of my favorite bags, just because it doesn't go on the shoulder very well. I use it mainly for traveling.