Carry All too big to use as an everyday bag?

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  1. I have fallen in love with the Carry All bag. I know it's more like a gym/sports bag but would like to know if anyone has purchased this bag and have used it as an everyday bag. I am travelling overseas in August and this would be the perfect bag to carry on the plane but I don't want to get a bag just for travelling. I am deciding between the Carry All and the Speedy 40.
    What do you girls/guys think?:confused1:
  2. I think it's too big to use as an everyday bag... then again it depends what all you carry everyday. :p
  3. I agree -- I love it too but it is a little big and a little cumbersome. It would be touch to carry all the time.
  4. i think it's too big
  5. I agree with everyone's post. I currently have a carryall. I don't think it would work as an every day bag. I have a mono Stephen and although it's big, the carryall is larger. Plus there's no strap for the carryall. It does become cumbersome if you're thinking about toting it around everywhere as a handheld. I think it's too big as a shoulder bag.
  6. Thanks everyone! Yeah I think I might get the Speedy 35 or 40 instead then. Then I can use it as an everyday bag and travel bag too.
    Should I get the 35 or 40?:confused1:
  7. If you're going to use it as both a travel and an every day, my vote is for the 40. Realize that the side will cave in more and there is a bigger sag. I have the 35 and I use cardboard for the sag but it caves in a bit.
  8. Thanks kuuipo627! I was thinking of the speedy 40 too. I wish they made the handles of the speedy a little bit longer so I can fit it up my shoulder. I had a speedy 30 and I managed to fit one handle up my shoulder but not the other handle.
    Speedy 40 it is......
  9. i say the 35...the 40 might just be too big that it looks all crushed in when you use it for everyday. Plus the 40 might look like youre carrying around luggage.....
  10. I think the carryall is only too big if YOU think its too big.

    I have lots of bags that people think are too big but I don't care. I love them
    If you love the carryall and are ok with carrying it around despite its size then I say go for it. But if you think the overall size may bother you then you may want to go with something smaller.
  11. If you're going to the boutique, you might want to compair the two bags. I was considering getting the 40 but opted for the 35 because it felt to big for me. But I was only looking to use it as a handbag. Other TPFers have the 40 and they use it as a handbag.
  12. Do you girls know if the handles on the Speedies are all the same length? Comparing the Speedy 25 to a Speedy 40, since the body of the bag is bigger wouldn't the handles be slightly bigger/longer too?
    The reason why I ask is if I get the Speedy 40 then I might be able to squeeze the handles up my shoulder and use it as a shoulder bag?
    Do you think it will work?
  13. It's a beauty but it is huge and there's no way any store will let you walk around with it.
  14. this picture should answer you'r question, how bout a nice women's bag like the Saleya GM if you like big bags...


  15. I think it's kinda big.. what about a Speedy 35???