Carroll Park Scarlette is mine!!!!


Feb 16, 2009
I am so happy!!

A couple of days ago, I was at Von Maur for a little retail therapy (just window shopping!!) and I saw the Scarlette for the first time. I literally gasped right there on the sales floor because that bag was so beautiful and excellently made. I really like Kate Spade bags, but this one just seemed like a gorgeous jewel box with that cool opening clasp. And don't get me started on the square chain! The whole bag is such a beautiful, modern interpretation of a classic. But I was being good and I did not purchase it on the spot (like every cell in my body was crying out to do.)

Fast forward to today. DH and I were at the outlet mall, looking for some shoes for him. I popped into the Kate Spade outlet store while he was trying on endless pairs of boots. Can you guess what I saw at KS??!! The Scarlette bag!! For $150 !!!!!!! The regular price is $398, so I felt that was an awesome deal.

My husband is so sweet. I showed him the bag and he liked it but we actually left the mall without buying it because we were in a rush to leave and pick up our daughters. After we got the girls, DH drove back to the mall (in a snowstorm, no less!) and told me I should get the bag. So I did!!!!

I just love this bag. It is so ladylike and refined. I really like too, how the strap is long enough for me to swing it up onto my shoulder with that hand (right arm, right shoulder, KWIM?)

here it is: