Carrie's second ring from Aidan

  1. I would love to have an engagement ring exactly like the one Carrie got from Aidan, the second one that Samantha helped choose, does anyone have a picture of it?

    Thanks a million in advance everyone.
  2. My friend just did some research and said it was a trellis setting with an Asscher cut diamond:

    Platinum Trellis Setting
  3. Thanks so much Porkchopz, I know nothing about jewellery except that I love Carrie's ring. I'm so excited about my ring and my guy, this is the happiest I've ever been.
  4. Congrats!!
    Here is the pic of my asscher, hope it gives you a idea.
  5. Good for you! Post pics pls, when you get it ;)
  6. Bitten,
    Please can you tell me more about your ring in your avatar, its incredible.
  7. WOW!!!!!!! Its more beautiful than I remember! Thank you for the picture, I feel so giddy with the the notion that once I finish my tour overseas I will be swept away by my handsome southern beau:heart:
  8. Boku: you got an awesome ring!!
  9. I like the ring posted by Boku more :heart:
  10. wow!lovely ring!!
  11. Boku, love your ring!
  12. wow! awesome ring!!