Carriers who lie

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  1. Another thread reminded me to mention that one of my pet peeves are shipping carriers who lie.
    They say that something was delivered when you know it clearly wasn't.
    I'm not talking about delivered to the wrong address, etc., but literally, the package is still on the truck but they mark it as delivered and then either deliver it later or it doesn't get delivered.

    This is most common I believe with the notorious Amazon carriers like OnTrack, but I've seen USPS do it beofre too.

    Obviously, this cannot be done with parcels requiring signature.
    Has anyone ever experienced this phenomenon?

    On a side note, I also noticed that the trend of leaving packages in my backyard has become more common, which is so weird. It happened to me twice. I guess in that situation it's not technically a "lie" because the parcel did arrive but in my backyard... so strange
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  2. I've experienced it. And I have even experienced it with parcels requiring signature. Some carriers see nothing wrong with signing for you.
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  3. I've had a carrier say they were not able to deliver because the gate was locked for entrance into the complex
    where I live. There is no gate & the carrier was just lazy as it was the end of the day & didn't want to deliver.
  4. "the package is still on the truck but they mark it as delivered and then either deliver it later or it doesn't get delivered"

    I had the above problem until USPS changed the delivery person in my street, I hope the current one stays as the situation has improved a lot. There were times that I wouldn't buy online if the delivery was via USPS (or SmartPost).

    FedEx did the same only once or twice, but after a few phone calls, they were able to recover the packages; they had apparently been delivered to the wrong address.

    I had a great UPS delivery person, but I believe he moved to another company. When I wasn't at home, he would drop my packages over the gate on my back yard instead of leaving them unattended in the front yard.
  5. I had a carrier who said my pkg was delivered and someone signed for it. I knew no one was home so I was freaked out and was afraid it was delivered to the neighbors or wrong address. I drove home after work and found the pkg at the front door. The signature was signed my name btw. I don't remember if it was UPS or Fedex.
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  6. Yesterday I had a small EBay purchase from Japan delivered. It was sent registered USPS from Japan. Tracking shows it has made it to the post office and just stops there. We found it sitting on our front porch at 9pm. We were home all day and available to sign for it. Seller was so thankful when I left positive feedback, since it will never show delivered.
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  7. Yes, it has happened before with USPS. I used to have a particular substitute carrier who would always mark all his packages as delivered at the beginning of his run in the morning. :/
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    I avoid Amazon, because of this.

    My description on the other thread of the carrier "signing" for a package with a straight line (not even a proper signature!) and then leaving it in a recycling bin, with no note through the door explaining this, was a personal one.

    We then contacted Amazon and they said we had to chase the carrier up, ourselves - but, not surprisingly, the carrier didn't want to talk to us, as we weren't their customer (the seller was).

    So, Amazon found in the seller's favour, even though the seller hadn't even contacted the carrier, to find out what had happened.

    The seller and Amazon just kept saying that the package had been signed-for, as if that made it all OK.

    After quite some time and stress, talking to Amazon's hideous customer service, we had just accepted it as a loss, as it wasn't really worth going through a credit card chargeback over.

    Then, a couple of weeks later, my boyfriend finally found the package in the recycling bin.

    Fortunately, it only had plastic bottles of hand lotion in it, so they were OK; but, if it had been something more affected by damp, it could have been ruined.

    The ironic thing, is that it was actually quite a convenient place to leave a package...

    The issue was that they didn't let us know they had done it and as it appeared to have been signed-for (albeit with a straight, horizontal line), we were just treated as time-wasters by Amazon (or worse).

    Amazon appear to be where eBay was several years ago, in that regard.

    I feel far safer shopping on eBay, these days, rather than Amazon - I don't need to go back to the bad old days, where the buyer is always wrong, thank you very much.
  9. +1 ontrac, I hate them!! They have also said they cant find our address/house (but USPS, UPS, and fedex finds it just fine)

  10. Its amazing the "lame excuses" these companies use...
  11. It seems like they all have excuses, really. I learned recently why I've had several USPS parcels marked "delivered" before they were ... if my carrier's out on vacation, they place the parcels in her area at the post office to deliver when she's back. The substitute carriers mark it delivered. Apparently the substitute only delivers junk mail and small envelopes. Then we get into the whole "where is it?" situation ... in this last case, my carrier was on two weeks' holiday, and I spent six days trying to find my parcel. It was safe at the post office the whole time, meanwhile was saying delivered. The sad thing was, it took sending in to the main customer service email address to find that out because even my first stop at the local post office wasn't helpful.

    Amazon just angers me. I dropped Prime because we didn't buy enough to make it worthwhile. I think we're now in the "take as long as you can to send this" category. I bought two iPad cases twelve days ago. They were marked "shipped" yesterday (day 11, in stock and fulfilled by Amazon). Today, this afternoon, I got a txt the package had been picked up by USPS. They're on the opposite coast, so we're probably looking at 14 days minimum when it was supposed to be delivered five to nine days ago. Stuff like that makes us want to use Amazon even less. I contacted Amazon customer service, and their response was "should have bought Prime." But there's no way to get a refund or discount from Amazon if they just screw around and don't fulfill packages in a timely fashion.

    And OnTrac is just to be avoided. Blue Apron likes to use them. I find their delivery guys just scary and disrespectful of the good they're delivering. My neighbor's Blue Apron boxes of food were regularly tossed over their closed front gate onto their patio. The guy never hit the buzzer for her to unlock the gate, and she was always home when it happened. I've also had my Blue Apron boxes arrive at 10pm after spending the whole day on a truck where the driver refused to use a/c in summer. A bit too late for dinner, and most of the ice melted. :/ Both I and my neighbor switched our delivery days in order to get FedEx instead of OnTrac.
  12. Ontrac hires the laziest drivers ever. I remember last year, they delayed my package because of "weather issues." But it was sunny and windy, not stormy or whatever. UPS, USPS and FedEx were out on the streets doing their normal deliveries. It pissed me off big time.

    I am glad I didn't sign up for Prime, it is not worth wasting $100 over when the only carrier they use is Ontrac. I'll stick with the free shipping.
  13. My local ontract team was very good but USPS delivery guy lied once and it was LAST ATTEMP on a Chanel package

    I was at home the whole afternoon and he didn't ring or knock. The only thing I got was text message indicating last attempt and conflicting story from CS lying they would hold the package at store location. Store told me the package was returned right away and I had to get the package resent by Chanel
  14. I guess I'm really lucky. I've never had a problem with ONTRAC. I ordered a pair of boots from Uggs on July 4, it shipped on July 5, and I received it on July 6. All for an $8 standard shipping cost.
  15. Don't get me started. I've had someone else's meds delivered to me, packages I was expecting misdelivered, items marked as delivered online and show up 1-2 days later and packages requiring signature, someone is home and rather than come to our door they leave a slip in the mailbox for us to pick up and later swear up and down no one was available! No problems with UPS or Fedex. Look up USPS stories. Laziness is an epidemic. Why is it that junk mail is on time and plentiful but any sized package is krytptonite to a carrier?
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