Carried my MJ for the first time!

  1. Hi
    I carried my Ferrari Red Large Multi Pocket for the first time this weekend and LOVED IT! Wow what a sharp bag. Even one of the SAs in Louis went nuts over it! LOL I went to look at some other MJ bags but didnt see anything that caught my eye. They are VERY heavy. I did like the denim quilted one but it was soooo heavy. I think this might be it for me for MJ. I would however like this bag in another color. If anyone sees one or has a line on one let me know!!
    I couldnt believe how many people looked at it. I didnt think anyone would know what kind of bag it was!
    Or maybe it was that leather smell that turned heads!
  2. ohh congrats! that's a great bag.:biggrin:
  3. Congrats!! I recently got my first MJ bag - its a satchel in true red and its soooooooo fab. Love it. MJ makes good red bags :heart:

  4. Oh! I've seen the MP go on sale fairly often at Neiman's, Sak's (online dept sites) etc so keep an idea out and you can prob get another color MP for a good price.
  5. You just keep rubbing it in, don't you????:lol: That bag is swell. Congrats. My new favorite designer is MJ. Jill needs to go work for him and do Public Relations. :yes:
  6. Selena: Congrats on your red multipocket. =)
    Coachwife6: LOL. I enjoy reading your postings. =)

    Agree with everyone that MJ bags are great even though they are heavy.
  7. I am considering a satchel and was wondering if was going to be too big for me. I am 5'4". Does it come across more of a tote I have only seen it online.
  8. I'm not sure if MJ has several bags called satchels but mine is definitely a purse, not a tote. I am 5.2" and its not too big at all. Its a med sized bag.

    I will try to post a picture.
  9. Yay, Selina! :yahoo: Glad to see you are enjoying your multipocket!! may be a little heavy on your shoulder, but you will quickly get used to it, and true love conquerors all...:heart:
  10. Please don't encourage me. :smile: I'm pretty much a nerd who likes bags.:graucho: (I'm diggin' these smilies). :heart:
  11. Woopsie, Of course, I mean "Yay, Selena!!"...I'm 1/2 dead today...and can hardly see/focus due to horrific allergies (sniff). in point, true love "conquers", not "conquerors".

    P.S. I too am much amused by coachwife6's postings, and look forward to them as well.:rolleyes:

    P.P.S. I tried to just edit my original posting, but it wouldn't let me...
  12. My allergies are murder this week! I am on benadryl and in a antihistamine fog.

  13. congrats on your 1st mj!
    i wish they were lighter too, but at least... you look good while building shoulder muscles!
  14. Selena & Slick4Marc: Hope both of you will feel better soon.

    Coachwife6: LOL again! Love your avatar, puppy is so adorable...

    Janicemph: Which satchel are you considering?
    With your 5'4" height, you can carry lots of MJ satchels (2-handle bags) including Blake, Venetia, Elise, etc.; they aren't big for you at all. I'm only 5' so only certain styles/sizes would work for me; I love Stam but it's too big for me. Maybe, I will just get it one of these days.

    Multipocket (large & small) comes in Silver Metallic, Bronze Metallic, White, Nutmeg, Black, Caramel, etc.

    Agree with Jennifer & everyone here, MJ bags are heavy unless you pick those without hardware & suede linings. We get used to them eventually.

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