Carrie Underwood: Fresh College Graduate

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  1. She received her degree Saturday during a ceremony at Northeastern State University. btw,I think she looks very nice at these pics.:love: Sexy and georgeous!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. She looks good. It's not something I'd wear to my graduation but she's rocking it!
  3. whoa, that's great.. i didn't know she was still working on her degree after wining AI
  4. I think she is so pretty and adorable!
  5. can't see the pics??!!
  6. Carrie looks so cute in those pics.
  7. she looks fab in those pics, thanks for posting!
  8. I am a HUGE carrie fan! she looks so cute too.
  9. Congrats to Carrie. She looks pretty!
  10. What did she major in? Does anyone know???

    Yes, she looks very pretty!
  11. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!:love:
  12. I love Carrie!!