Carrie UnderWeight?

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    Former American Idol champ, Carrie Underwood, made her triumphant return to the show last night, looking like some weight had been taken off her shoulders ... and her arms ... and her face, since her big, pressure-packed moment on the Season 4 finale. What do you think?
  2. Anythhing for a story. She looks great.
  3. she looks great
  4. She looked very thin last night!!!
  5. I think she looks great!
  6. She has lost alot of weight, I noticed it first at the Grammy's, but she definitly looks Fab!
  7. She looks good.
  8. Big deal, people lose weight, she looks fab.
  9. She did lose a lot of weight - But it is probably from her hectic schedule. I just hope she doesn't turn into a bobble head.
  10. She does look great but I prefer the picture on the right, it does look healthier.

    I was surprised that they didn't even chat with her I'm guessing the Idol contract requires them to come back and perform but maybe thats all they do, just seemed a bit odd. She is marvelous.
  11. She has lost quite a bit of weight since idol, but still seems in a healthy range (didn't see last night though). Hope this has been done by diet and exercise :yes:
  12. I'm sure the weight loss could be from the stress of life her changing experiences that happened to her over night.

    I still think she looks good here ! not to thin at all.
  13. If you notice most of the people who win/runner up american idol all lose weight. They have more pressure on them to have better bodies and they want people to notice them more. I think she looks good. I don't think she is in the underweight catagory yet.
  14. I think she looked good. I liked her makeup, very natural looking, loved the colors
  15. She looks great!