carrie necklace = tacky ?

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  1. I have wanted for quite many years now to get a "name necklace",(huge SATC fan) but my BF says it's tacky -since we used to buy the cheap ones as present for birthday parties when kids-
    What do you think ?

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  2. I still like them too! I say get it, it's fun! besides big slightly tacky gold jewelery is in right now anyways.
  3. Oh i love it and a neklace like that should be cheap and tacky thats the point really!
  4. It is tacky, but that's half the point. Depends if you can carry off fun-tacky stuff or not.
  5. I like it...i think its funky. I got mine at think it just depends on your personal style!
  6. Isn't that the point - go for it! Funny story, I was in downtown Chicago a few years ago wearing mine and this guy just started talking to me and referred to me by name. I was SCARED to death, how did he know my name - then realized DUH you have on your necklace.:shame:
  7. i :heart: it. It only looks tacky on people who don't know how to wear it.
  8. i think it's cute. the "tacky" feeling is part of the charm, i think.
  9. I think it's cute, it's how you carry it
  10. i've been debating on one too. maybe i will get one! :yes:
  11. Only if your name is actually Carrie. Then it is totally tacky.

    But if your name is Fatima or Rocio or Heather or Keisha or Amrita, etc, then the only thing cooler than a Carrie necklace would be two Carrie necklaces. Layered! Especially if both are 100% precious metal and gemstone-free!
  12. If you have Carrie-ish funky, edgy, sexy style -- then go for it! If you're a conservative Banana Republic girl like me, then maybe not so much. ;)
  13. I like it. I have one with my name on it
  14. ^^Me too. I love mine.
  15. I have been wanting to get one, not for everyday wear but for days when I'm feelin that style...