Carrie Bradshaw's fanny pack (NOT the Gucci)

  1. Yes, gals, it's true. I'm not referring to the infamous Gucci. Season 3, returning to NY w/ the girls at the end of part 2 of their LA trip, Carrie sports a true 80's fanny pack in pink. (If this has already been discussed, please advise.) And though I have never been a fan of the f.pack, I gotta say if you're gonna wear one, pull a Carrie and go all the way w/ the real deal - no, "Really, it's a belt bag". I love Carrie's style - totally embracing her inner 80's self. Have even found myself desiring one like it (yes, I know) - but no luck so far.
  2. Which episode was it in? I remember the one on the trip back from LA but not any other one.
  3. That's the one - I know, for most it's considered a low point for Carrie, but I think SJP pulls it off great.
  4. She pulls EVERYTHING off great!

    Hmph <sulks in corner> LOL!

  5. ^^ I agree!
  6. those things are great for the gym ..i'm trying to get one myself..people laugh at me when i ask for one in stores:rolleyes:

    i really have found myself wishing lately there would be a new satc..since joining here, there are so many gorgeous bags out there, I'd love to see how a new satc would pull it off & I could get ideas/inspiration

    they could have a whole new cast or bring back whoever is up for it....there are so many stories to tell!!!
  7. I agree. I didn't see SATC when it originally ran - no HBO. What would we do w/o DVDs? They're super convenient, but I missed the whole water cooler experience. Haven't had the courage to ask for fp in store - you go, girl! Carrie would be proud!
  8. I was actually thinking about these the other day after an episode of SATC where Samantha wears one and looks FAB!!

    I think some hot designer (Marc Jacobs) should re-do them and make them hot and wearable! They would be perfect for evening - secure and no hands needed!
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