Carribbean vacation ideas anyone???

  1. Ok so I'm going away with my boyfriend within the next few months, any suggestions on a good Island to go to?? I was thinking Barbados, Aruba, St. Maarten, etc.... :hrmm:
  2. Aruba!!! always sunny warm and breezy. perfect water, nice nice people too. Ive been to quite a few islands and am always dying to return to Aruba! The Tamarijn All inclusive is so fun, you have access to the Divi Divi's restaurants and bars under the all inclusive packages.
  3. I hear St. Maarten is amazing. I've been to St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, and a bunch of other little British Virgin Islands. I'd have to say St. John was one of my absolute favs.
  4. We're thinking of Martinique. A little out of the norm for most (in the US anyway). It's a French island. Can't wait to go. I hear it's gorgeous and DH speaks the French and Kreyol languages. I think all of the resorts only have EP (European plan, food not included) versus AI (all inclusive) though.
  5. jamaica- the perfect island. (yes i'm biased) go to the north coast - negril, montego bay. the beaches in negril are pure heaven!
  6. my most memorable caribbean experience was one all the way down to Trinidad to experience the gorgeous beaches there! Martinique is great too for shopping as well as St. Thomas. Dominica is fabulous for more low keyed activity...
  7. I love Grand Cayman,BWI. The snorkeling is awesome!
  8. St Maarten/St. Martin!! My DH and I have been several times. St Maarten is the Dutch side and St. Martin is the French Side. The Dutch side is commercialized w/ high rises, clubs, and some small casinos. The French Side is quiet, with beautiful beaches. Some secluded that you can hike to.
    We stay on the French Side (Grand Case - Lepetite Hotel), but we rent a car and the Dutch side is close enough to experience in the evenings.
    You can also take a short ferry ride and spend the day at St. Barts, or Anguilla, which are both very beautiful islands (expensive$$$).

    Check Lots of info there!

    Below are photos from our room at LePetite Hotel, Grand Case, French Side.

    LEPETITEROOM3.jpg 2005_0325stmartin0001-1.JPG 2005_0325stmartin0002-1.JPG
  9. More:
    Photos from day trips to St Barts (first photo) and Anguilla


    ANGUILLABEACH.jpg stbarts.jpg
  10. I was just going to say Aruba!!! It was the most beautiful place!!!! There are a ton of all inclusive resorts there....we stayed at the sunspree holiday inn which was nice no complaints!!!! there are really really nice all inclusive resorts there and then just nice resorts!!!

    We had so much fun! the weather was more than beautiful and the ocean and beaches we amazing!!!! the people there were amazing!!!!

    Also St. lucia is supposed to be amazing too....they have the sandles friend just went there and she said she had an amazing time!!!!
  11. Turks and Caicos was FANTASTIC!!! I agree ,spend a little time on tripadvisor.