Carriage Print Scarf

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  1. I have been in much pain since Christmas Day when I pulled a groin muscle walking home on a snowy/icy sidewalk. I have been laid up all weekend trying to reduce the pain and I asked my husband if when he went to the mall if he would please pick up the new spring catalog for me. Not only did he get the catalog but he came home with the scarf in the rose color. I was so thrilled. I do not have anyway to take photos of it but it is such a pretty scarf and the bright rose color was so cheering to look at. He said he was determined to get me a treat since I have virtually been in bed the past couple of days. ;)
  2. That is one sweet guy you have there! Enjoy your scarf - it will give you something to look forward to wearing when you are mobile again!
  3. That is so sweet! What a great surprise! Congrats
  4. what a great surprise!!! helped with the pain I'm sure.
  5. What a sweet thing for him to do! Hope you feel better soon
  6. I love the Carriage Print scarf! It's so pretty.
  7. Aww im sorry to hear that uve been stuck in bed all weekend.

    Kudos to ur husband!! Mine is one of those that doesnt get it!
  8. That was so nice of him! I hope you're feeling better soon!
  9. Your hubby is a sweetie!!
    Hope you feel better soon!:flowers:
  10. Congrats, how sweet of him! Feel better soon...and be careful out there!
  11. Take care and I hope you'll feel better soon. What a great DH!