1. My apologies in advance if my scanning technique isn't up to par...I just received Aussie Harpers Bazaar, and there is a fab article on the Hermes silk scarfs' 70th birthday!

    Please let me know if the scans don't work, and I'll do my best to re-scan!
  2. more:
  3. OK, also, apparently there is a re-release of Jeu Des Omnibus Et Des Dames Blanches coming up for the 70th celebration - keep your eyes peeled, folks!!!!!!!! AND...a regular carre (where I live) is $480...the special birthday release is priced at $395...a little gift to us scarf-lovers!
  4. Ooh, thanks for the scans! I haven't received my Bazaar yet so this has got me really excited! Funny how that model looks so amazing in that green Ballet Equestre colourway. It really didn't suit me and some of the deep south Alaskan SAs commented it didn't work for them either. It's gorgeous to look at tho.
  5. Thanks for the info Grands Fonds ! :flowers:
    Can't wait for the special 70th Anniversary scarf
  6. Great article GF--thanks for taking the time to scan it in. I just printed it out---could read it perfectly!
  7. i can't read much of it, but i LOVE that quote on the second page:
    There is something childishly lovely about the whole thing: the soft tactile silk, big pots of paint; the storybook of things the portray.

    i couldn't have said it better myself!!! please, who can that quote be attributed to?
    so the article is about that particular pattern being 70 years old and released? is that right?
  8. Thanks for sharing GF ! Great article !
  9. ah ah ah i see now. to celebrate the 70th, they are producing a special issue of a reissue. got it.
    and holy heck, how did you id that scarf so fast serenity now?

  10. HH, the article is by journalist JAMIE HUCKBODY. I think there is a function on your computer that can 'enlarge' the scan, but I'm not a Mac user (DH wishes I was, he LOVES them), so I'm not sure what the function is....:shrugs:

  11. LOL - same here! Bloody models.....I wish I could have a professional lighting person follow me around all day, so I could wear bad colours! LOL!
  12. The scarf they are re-re-issuing (LOL) is a very old scarf, considered the 'first' Hermes carre design.
  13. thank you so much for posting this grands fonds (mac are the best!!! btw).
    as for that green, or any difficult color - i'm not the one who would have to look at me looking sickly in it, so i don't think the color would stop me from buying it. lol it's GORGEOUS!
    damn, i really wish i hadn't fallen for the scarves. was happily thinking you all were nuts for the longest time.
    damn damn damn
  14. Thanks for sharing!
  15. It's one from the S/S 07 season. Saw it in my store several weeks ago, in that same colourway and thought how stunning it looked.. then I tried it on and bleh... I looked ill, lol.

    GF, I know! There are quite a few colourways now that I find awful on me but fab to look at.