Carré Etoile: better in pink or grey?

  1. At the first sight, i fell in love with the pink one...
    but to be honest, i'm afraid is a little hard to wear..i have anything in pink:confused1: (i love to match scarves with clothes)
    the grey seems to be more blackish brown..but..i love both!:p
  2. i happen to love the blue actually.
  3. I like the grey color.
  4. Pink, pink, I lurve pink!
  5. I'm buying both! I can't choose! I love the bandeau.
  6. :yes::heart:
  7. tough call..I love this bandeau in pink and blue..and I am not pink person..
  8. Pink
  9. I love pink!
  10. pink
  11. Pink forever!
  12. i need to see them all together!
  13. Pink!!!
  14. Depends on what you will get more wear out of.
  15. I love the pink one...I don't necessatily match colours, I compliment them.

    pink will go with white, black, brown, red...and any other shades of red that are on the pink etoile scarf. So, I vote pink!