Carrè & Bandeau

  1. Since i'm going to be getting a job in the next month or two i've been browsing the louis vuitton website since i will be spending 90% of my money there. I found the Sweet Flowers Carrè & Bandeau. I fell in love with the pattern & now want them in all three colors. I also like the Colorfull travel Carrè

    What do they retail for & how do you use them? I'm not very creative & i would like to know the different ways of using them before i buy one.
  2. Try both for prices and for some ideas on how to use it.

    Also, the Hermes website has a LOT of ideas on how to use scarves. Go to the hermes websie, click on a scarf and select " playtime withyour scarf" or something similar. =)
  3. Wow, you'll spend 90% of your earnings on LV?! Lucky for you to be able to that.
  4. yeah i just graduated from high school, so the only thing i have to pay for now is my clothes, purses, make-up., things that i don't need to survive. i'm sure my parents will be quickly adding on new things i have to buy, so i'm going to hurry up & buy all the louis vuitton i can.:smile: