Carpet bags?!

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  1. Hi TPF family! I have been obsessing about getting an updated "carpet bag" this season :smile:
    I have one that I love from free people but also my eye on this one...I have found similar ones but nothing with this pattern- can anyone help? Or does anyone have any other fun ones to share??

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  2. I love old movies with carpet bags.
    They embody adventures & travel.

    However, I bought leather version of shape/design.
    Heavier. More suitcase, not handbag.
    A thing o' beauty♡
    And slightly steampunk, imo.
  3. This is more "tote," imo.
    I think of carpet bags with dowels/rods across top.
    Opening as hammock for contents.
    Could be wrong.
  4. Good point, remainsilly- totally agree this is more of a tote than the real carpet bags...I LOVE the one you bought!!:loveeyes:
    I guess what I'm responding to is the rich fabric/tapestry on these updated ones I'm seeing a lot of lately (which is bizarre because my usual downfall is smooshy leather). I am loving this "Campomaggi Carpet Bag" and also this one that Ralph lauren did a few seasons a go...can't find them available anywhere, though :sad:

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  5. Thanks for bag compliments♡

    Agreed, the colors, the carefree vibe--make carpet style bags fun.
    Maybe your inner wanderer is trying to get free, as summer approaches?! :biggrin:

    Red is particularly nice tone, on your choices!♡

    Will keep eye out & report if see bags you mentioned available online.
  6. I love them!
  7. This thread has made me fall for carpet bags!