Carpal Tunnel Syndrome???

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  1. Does anyone have carpal tunnel syndrome and if so, how did it start? Also, how did you treat it??

    I have been waking up each morning, with completely numb hands. Also, sometimes I wake up with excruciating pain in my elbow. Going to call the Dr next week, but would appreciate some input from anyone else suffering!!! TIA
  2. I don't have it but my mom and husband do.
    You will want to go to the drug store and get a brace for your hand, one of those splint looking things that will hold your hand in one position while you sleep. It will help I promise. When my husband started having symptons I went out and got one for him right away. My mom did end up having surgery like 15 years ago on one of hers and has no problems anymore. If you don't mind me asking what you do for a living? My mom is on a computer all day and hubby is an electrican so the constant twisting of his wrist from the screwdriver is what does it. You may want to look into doing things differently to ease the repeditive motion. Good Luck with the Dr!
  3. I was beginning to get it in my left wrist from typing all day at work. I asked to get a drawer installed under my desk for my keyboard and it has helped tremendously. You can take anti-inflammatories as well, I tried that but they made me anxious so I stopped. and like Ragamuffin mentioned the wrist splint/brace is a good idea!
  4. I've had carpal tunnel/tendonitis for 15 years and unfortunately, it doesn't go away. Doing anything repetitive really doesn't help either. I've learned to deal with it. Somedays are better than others.

    The symptons first appeared when I was pregnant 15 years ago. I hear this happens to some pregnant women. After I had the baby, it got worse. I went to therapy and didn't help much. It got to the point where I couldn't even dry my hair or sign my checkbook. I finally had to have a cortisone shot on my elbow. That was painful for a few months. Then the pain went away. 1 1/1 years later the pain came back and I've had it since. When it's really bad, I take motrin. Icing it twice a day really helps too, especially before you go to bed.

    Typing really doesn't help this problem so I try and limit my time on my laptap.

    Go to the doctor and see what they can do for you. Goodluck!!!!
  5. I had mine corrected surgically earlier this year. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself! It has made a huge difference. I used to wake up every night with numbness and pain. I would have a really hard time typing at work. The brace never helped me. I think it varies for each person.

    Now I have no problems at all my right hand. YEA!
  6. I wake up with my hands numb too -- usually if I've been sleeping on my back. I asked my doc about it and he didn't seem too concerned.

    I do have a new hand thing I noticed last week -- maybe a carpel tunnel type thing. If I put pressure on the back of my hand, just above my first knuckle, I get a tingling sensation all the way to the tip of my index finger and a bit in my middle finger. Very strange nerve thing. :shrugs:

    I'd be interested to hear what your doctor says.
  7. I've had Carpel Tunnel, in both hands, for over 20 years. I wore a brace when I needed to. Gardening and painting make the CT much, much worse and the brace doesn't always help, when it's really bad.

    I finally had surgery in one hand to relieve it and it worked! I will probably do the other hand some time next year. The only bad part was not being able to use the hand that was operated on, for 12 days, not even get it wet

    I waited till the pain was intolerable and then had the surgery, but that was really silly, in retrospect.
  8. I don't but my father did! I remember when he would complain about how painful it was...........He used the hand braces for a while but he did end up having surgery and a couple of years later had the other hand fixed as well, he said he should have had the surgery a long time ago, now he is all better and he says there is NO MORE PAIN. Good luck to you!!