- 20% Off Nair Care Products



    We thought you'd like to know that is up and running and is better than ever!

    To celebrate, we like to offer you a 20% RELAUNCH SPECIAL, just for our favorite customers.

    When you order any of our 55 great new colors or nail care products, just add the code FACE-3 in the spot that asks for coupon or discount code. When you calculate the final price of the order, you'll see your discount immediately.

    The code will be valid until February 1st, and please feel free to share it with your friends and invite them to join Club Carolyn, so they can join our mailing list too!

    We have some great new products on their way, so check your email on February 1st for the NEW discount code.
    Remember, FACE-3 is only valid until February.
    Thanks and welcome back!

    Carolyn C.