Color) Summer Sale

  1. Has anyone tried this polish? I'm thinking of ordering a few, I love the colors.
  2. I haven't yet, but I'm going to place an order as well. Hope I like it as well as OPI.
  3. Me too, I love OPI. This polish gets pretty good reviews from what I've read. I also love that you can order the wholesaler's dozen even if you're not a wholesaler. So really with the 50% off you'd get 12 (or is it 13? It never quite says in the description) for $20. That's way cheaper than even most drugstore polish.

  4. You are is!! And it's way cheaper than department store nail polish. For the most part, I still get the French manicure, but sometimes I like to switch gears and go for a little color. My manicurist never seems to have colors that I like either!!
  5. NICE ones- I got a few incl myfave Spanish Harlem- a few ladies on MUA have used them already and love them. Cincyfan has swatched them on her blog

  6. Thank you for the new read! I am checking out her blog.:tup:
  7. awesome deal. just got 12 bottles (wholesalers dozen) including shipping for < $25!!
  8. I also ordered the wholesaler's dozen, I guess I'm going to have to paint my nails more often now :smile: The good part is, the polish was so cheap that I won't feel bad giving away any of the colors I don't like!