Carol's daughter?

  1. Any one out there every try any products from ? Given that I live in Chicago, I fight bad hair and bad skin 10 months out of the year. I did a google search for something and found this website. OF course I ordered a bunch of stuff because it was prettty but I wondering if it's just pretty or if it's good stuff.
  2. I haven't heard of these products before. By bad skin, do you mean dry? I have super, super, super dry skin due to meds that I am the point of being dehydrated. I have had the best success with YonKa's the first skin care line that I have ordered again and again. It's normally sold in spas, and used by licensed only estheticians, but I have found a very reputable, professional seller on eBay, which lists the products for about 25% less than retail.

    To moisturize my face I use the Creme 28 with a couple drops of Dermol 2 added in. If you have questions, I'll be glad to try and help. :P
  3. I've heard nice things about this company from the soaping forum I belong to but I have never tried their products personally. The face of their company is Will Smith's wife (Jada).

    I hope you'll like the products!
  4. Yeah, Carol's daughter is really awesome. They are based out of Brooklyn and have been featured in many of the top magazines for quality products.
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