Club Caroline Clubhouse...!

  1. It was hard for me also to give up the mauve but how she did not hold up after less then a handful of times I did want to risk not being able to due to it be called normal ware
    I picked up the lt grey 3 different times and they all had color issues
    They had a mauve returned the other day at the outlet & it was in really bad shape color wise on the back where legs were rubbing.
    I know the Caroline is amazing....!!!!!
  2. I was told by my SA that the next PCE is July 6th (Friday) but that they would start doing pre-sales on July 1st. She is usually right on so I am hoping that she is agin! She did not know if it was by mail or email but she was fairly certain it was the 25%. Hope that helps!
  3. I heard the same-- and that it's a twenty five percenter!
  4. Now, I am thinking of returning my Laila in fawn simply because it is so similar in color to the beige Caroline. I love the bag, but have not used it since I bought it and it almost doesn't make sense to have two bags of virtually identical colors.
  5. I really hope so. I'm so wanting that beige Caroline!!
  6. Yes I have the curry! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would never return that bag! I actually returned my fawn Laila a while back but then I missed it dearly and just recently rebought it since it showed up at the outlets for 50% plus 30% off. Cannot beat that!

    If you PM me a list of your bags, I can tell you which one I would return. LOL! We seem to have very similar tastes.

    Also, I too heard PCE may start July 1 for the 4th of July week! So hang in there with the purchase! Saving 25% is totally worth the 1 week wait...
  7. LOL. I agree.
    The bags I have (that I have not used) are the following
    Kristin sage in the following colors:
    pebble grain- parchment
    pebble grain- blue smoke
    heavy grain- light grey
    heavy grain - mauve
    regular sage- navy
    Laila in fawn
    Chelsea in curry

    I am holding my breath for that July 1 PCE; I asked the manager of the store I shop at last night and he said he "knows nothing." I think they do that on purpose sometimes.
  8. I had all those bags and returned the heavy grain grey and mauve save. I would never return my parchment, blue smoke, or the navy (if I had that one). I would also never return my Fawn Laila or Curry Chelsea. Those are in my top 5 bags!
  9. OK this is easy! You have too many Sages! ROFL! Just close your eyes, point to one and return it. You need to diversify your "purse portfolio." You'll love the Caroline and will want it in every color anyway, so you better be ready to make some changes! :roflmfao: I would vote for the heavy grain light grey since the pebble gray blue smoke is similar maybe and is such a gorgey color, but that's just me.
  10. So is the anniversary Buffalo Caroline with the amber hardware pretty much extinct?
  11. I called JAX about a month ago and got mine - doesn't hurt to try!;)
  12. Thank you so much for this feedback. :smile: I sort of felt that way the other day; I just have way too many sages- such a pretty bag, though. Not long ago, I returned the blue smoke and exchanged it for a black Laila. I missed it so much that I ended up calling the 877 Coach number and asked if there were any more blue smoke in the warehouse. They had two more left, so I ordered one at full price, then, had the price adjusted for 25%. How crazy is that?? So, yeah, I won't be returning the blue smoke. Meanwhile, I ended up returning my black Laila and exchanging it for the black buffalo Caroline and purchased the Laila at the outlet, like you with the fawn one. What I may also do is return two of the recent bags I bought at the outlet - 1 parchment Laila and 1 gold/white chelsea dowel flap. Then, when the 25% comes out, I can sort of justify buying that second Caroline. I do still feel that I should return one of my sages though per your suggestion. By the way, are you going to get the black buffalo Caroline when the PCE comes out?
  13. Thanks so much for sharing! Yeah; it's a tough call. I got too many too quick. I love them all, but I love the beige Caroline, so it's a toss up!
  14. In your opinion, do you like the Caroline better than the Laila? I am debating on returning my fawn Laila for the beige Caroline due to the similarity in color. The Caroline is a little more understated while there is a lot more hardware going on with the Laila.
  15. May I ask which beige Caroline are you guys talking about that is so gorgeous? Is it the gathered beige like the aubergine Caroline or is it the beige buffalo Caroline like the black buffalo Caroline? I haven't seen any of them IRL yet and am dying to know which is the beige one everyone keeps raving about!! Thanks so much!