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  1. A little of both. When you first get it from the store, it's pretty stiff and structured, but when you put your stuff in it, it feels softer. I think it gets slouchy over time and wear. I never get bags at full price; I guess because I was doing an exchange, but I wonder if they would honor my PCE from last week because I didn't see anything I liked at the time, nor had the time to look! :sad:
  2. I think you'd be fine. If the SA's know you already at the store, they might give you the 25% off. I remember that you have the aubergine pleated caroline, right? Just tell them that you were not able to use the PCE because you did not find anything interesting at that time. Was the bag that you did an exchange was purchased during PCE? I am thinkin of getting this Caroline... I will be exchanging a bag that I bought during PCE...
  3. Love this one.....Thanks for posting her!!
  4. Thanks for posting pictures....!
    I bet they will give you the 25% off... just ask can't hurt!!
  5. For a sale of this amount they will give the discount. And if her store does not I bet mine will. If I am looking at something substantial they will look to see what promos are going on to help with the discount.

  6. My FP store said they would still honor the FB coupon :p
  7. Joining the clubhouse once again!!

    Amber Python Caroline
    Black "Elephant Butt" Caroline

    The black bag is missing the special Coach fob and apparently they are unable to send me a replacement, so she may be going back for an exchange tomorrow...
    i-xtDsdJF-L.jpg i-GQDvZkR-L.jpg
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    Never mind :shame:
  9. Gorgeous! Thanks for the pics!, I want this bag soo bad. Did you have the chance to see this bag in the other color IRL?
  10. Very pretty! I didn't realize there was leather on the sides. Looks great with the Op Art in the front. Kath
  11. Alright gals. I'm going to brave it tomorrow with my PCE that expired. But, it hasn't even been a whole week. I could always tell 'em my Dad was in town and didn't get a chance to use it. :smile: LOL. I love the bag, but at full price, not sure!
  12. I've seen it in other colors, but this one is most similar to my brown/croc buffalo leather one from last November. I love the brown one, but it is a lot softer and slouchier. This one is a much stiffer leather.
  13. What did they say? That if you found something after it expired, you could use it?
  14. Beautiful! What style # is the amber python?
  15. I asked them if the FB was extended till the 23rd and they said that they hadn't heard that, but if I still had my FB coupon, they would honor it.