Caroline Blomst Style Thread

  1. One more
  2. meh her style is nothing i haven't already seen a million times but she is cute .
  3. I am glad that someone finally started a thread on her - she has great effortless style. It's a very attainable look for weekends, so I'm a big fan!
  4. New pics
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  5. She is very beutiful and anythig she put on herself would look great on her, but I think her style is nothing special.
  6. ^That's true. I just like the particular pieces and accessories she has.
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  11. so cool
  12. She is talented but i don't think that she takes risks..She wear black and a touch of a colour every outfit..She looks nice but everyone has this style..She is simple!!
    There are many at tpf who have a huge bal collection and bal leather jackets..But she is cute..
    Nothing :yahoo:!!
  13. love her style
  14. love her handbags - but agree that her style is nothing special. She keeps it simple and looks good doing so.
  15. i :heart: these 2 looks!!!! i am really lovin carolines outfits lately :smile:
    145949_9801.jpg caroline-i-acssne.jpg