Caroldiva or Mypoupette is more reliable?

  1. then that is what she should have said - the OP said carol told her it was fake. that is a big difference. i am hoping if she was not sure she would have at least said so.
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  3. I always have used carol diva and very pleased with her service, fast and accurate. Before i knew of TPF I have used her to fight claims on eBay too. Won every time

  4. I highly doubt she said that.
  5. Does CarolDiva authenticate non-LV bags such as Prada, Gucci, Coach, etc?

  6. interesting :graucho:
  7. I believe she authenticates Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, YSL, Hermes and Bal too. Not sure about Coach though
  8. I know she do Gucci, but several times I have seen she said real to fake bags,

    I only trust this gucci experts
  9. Hi girls!

    I bought a balenciaga from eBay a while ago, I had it authenticated here before I bought it and the authenticators told me it is authentic and the seller was trusted.
    After I received it, I posted some pictures here again, and although the quality was not great, the authenticators replied again that it looks ok. Also, I compared it to the photos of the listing, and it is indeed the same bag (I noticed some details and everything is ok).
    But since it is my first balenciaga, I though for my piece of mind that I should get it authenticated by caroldiva too. I sent her the photos and the auction link, and she replied that she would not consider it a real balenciaga for two reasons.

    The first is that one of the tags seems to be bad printed and washed-out (the truth is that all the tags are fine, maybe it is the picture that shows it a little bit washed-out, and having compared it to the photos of other tags placed on eBay from trusted sellers I see that they appear exactly the same).

    The second reason is that there is a sample swatch, and that balenciaga does not give sample swatches with the bags. Regarding this, I did a little search here and on ebay too, seeing photos of other authentic balenciagas and they do have a sample swatch, exactly like mine .
    I have searched and compared carefully all the details and everything seems fine. I told it to caroldiva and she has not answered yet, I am waiting.
    I am little bit dissapointed from this, I was shocked when I saw that she considers it fake!
    Then I searched here and found this thread.
    Please, give me your opinion!
  10. Caroldiva should stick to authenticating what she knows best. She has deemed a fake Dior Gaucho authentic and I think she just became greedy and accepts any brands to make more money while the knowledge is lacking. If the gals here say its authentic I would believe them.
  11. I have bought two Balenciaga's this year directly from Balenciaga stores and they both came with little square leather samples. So, I would not consider leather sample swatches an indication of a fake bag if it is a recent bag. I don't know when Bal started with the leather swatches but it is a current practice.
  12. I would take the authenticators word here 100% over the Balenciaga because they are the absolute experts in the brand. It seems you can't trust their opinion because you then paid for CarolDiva, so it may be better for you to purchase from a Bal boutique in future as you will have 100% peace of mind..

    I believe TPF Your bag is authentic and I think this is very unfair on the seller.
  13. nataliam1976 thanks for your answer!
    I put the photos again at the authenication thread here, in order for the experts here to look at it again, explainig what happened.
    I believe that the authenticators here are very experienced and I believe them.

    I have heared all these good words about caroldiva, so I decided to try her too.
    Maybe she is specialized to other brands more, but before I sent her the authentication question, I asked her if she could help me with a balenciaga city and she answered that she can.
    If she had been giving me other reasons regarding the bag itself, I would have searched it more. But I believe that she should know that there ARE sample swatches. This is not a subjective opinion, this is something a balenciaga authenticator should know about.
    I agree with what you arer saying, let's see what the authenticators here have to say about this!
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    ayanna thanks for telling me this!

    luxloves I trust the authenticators here, and I can tell you this because I left positive feedback to the seller after the experts her told me tha bag is ok, without expecting caroldiva's answer. I posted the bag for authentication here and sent it to caroldiva at the same time. Nothing to do with matter of trust to TPF authenticators opinion. If this was the case, I would not put the bag for authentication here both before and after buying it, I would ask straight away caroldiva. I only did it because it is my first balenciaga and I wanted to be 100% sure and take more than one opinion.
    I don't think it is a bad thing to do....

    PS Why is it unfair to the seller? If caroldiva wrote me these reasons, why wouldn't I post it here? It is the lack of knowledge of caroldiva I point out, and I am not telling anything wrong about the seller (I have already left positive feedback as I said).

    Honestly I don't understand why you are a little aggressive, I think that since I pay 1200 dollars for a bag, I have to do everything I can in order to be sure. And I don't intend to buy such a bag from a shop here, since the prices are higher.
  15. Update about caroldiva and balenciaga authentication!

    I sent her an email, telling that I did a little search on the internet and found out that balenciaga does give sample swatches with the bags. She answered me that she has never heard of balenciaga doing this, so she has to go by what she has seen and because of this she cannot state my bag as authentic.
    I replied her and told her that since she authenticates balenciagas, she should contact the company and asked them, and also that I have been told by ladies who have bought balenciagas direclty form the stores, that sample swatches were included since 2009.

    She answered again, telling me that she has already called balenciaga asking for this, but they have not answered her question.

    And that's it!

    I'm very disappointed with all this, it was a waist of time and money. Maybe caroldiva is an expert regarding other brands, but as for balenciaga.... the lack of knowledge is huge obviously!

    PS: The authenticators here stated my bag as authentic 100%.