Caroldiva or Mypoupette is more reliable?

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  1. Hi all,

    I got my balenciaga authenticated by Carol and she told me that the bag is fake. Then did another authentication w/ mypoupette and confirmed that my bag is indeed auth. So confused , which one is more reliable?

    Who's more expert in balenciaga?
  2. Oh boy, thats a good question... I am very surprised that both of them don't say the same thing. That means that they are not that acurate...

    I had so many problems with MyPoupette lately that I would trust Caroldiva more but maybe you should ask her why she says its fake and tell her about the "other" version of answer...

    Good luck!
  3. I trust Caroldiva more than MyPoupette.
  4. Did both parties give a reason for their conclusion? Perhaps post it in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread here on tPF. I know the lovely ladies there are very helpful with determining whether a Bbag is genuine or not.
  5. mypoupette just said that it's auth, while carol said that stamp is poor. when i told carol abt mypoupete, her reply " I guess the conclusion is that we have different opinions", will it be a problem if i sell on ebay?
  6. I agree with it in the authenticate this thread
  7. I trust Carol. Love her.
  8. It's better to have a third opinion to be sure. I agree, post in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread here on tPF and then make your decision.

    I love Carol and think she gives more personal attention. My money's on her opinion.
  9. Unless you needed it for a dispute, why would you pay these people? People on this forum can give you their opinions for free. There are experts in each sub-forum brand, so you're most likely to get a correct and consistant answer.
  10. Definitely get the bag authenticated on this site, you don't want to sell a fake bag on eBay.
  11. Did you buy the bag from a reputable source?
  12. I have used Carol in the past I like her! I would get a 3rd opinion.

  13. Although I have never needed to have a bag authenticated from either source (knock on wood), I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about CarolDiva, but heard horror stories about MyPoupette. Not only that, I thought (and assumed) that MyPoupette only authenticates Louis Vuitton? Why did they authenticate your Balenciaga. Perhaps that's their downfall with this consensus, as well—they're not experts in Balenciaga, only LV.

    Have you actually purchased the bag yet? Or is it something you're researching beforehand?

    I would go with CarolDiva's advice, as stated. She has an excellent reputation and I would go with that.
  14. I would go with caroldiva. i use her all the time,she is very nice and gets back to you in a timely fashion. My poupette on the other hand,I had to wait almost a month after I paid for a response.
  15. ^^ MP has been doing multiple brands for quite awhile now. I actually thought CarolDiva did only LV and Coach? I've never heard of her doing a Bal authentication before.