Carol Diva Rocks!

  1. Just wanted to share my experience as an eBay Seller selling an authentic LV without a receipt. My listing offered plenty of photos of the item yet when my Buyer received the item, she supposedly took it to an LV boutique where they declared it a fake. I couldn't believe it! She was about to return the item but agreed to my offer to pay for Carol Diva to authenticate the item.

    Carol was very quick and determined that the bag was indeed authentic. I forwarded her email to my Buyer, who still was wary and emailed Carol directly. Carol was kind enough to respond quickly with reasons to support her findings. I will always use Carol now before I list an LV bag so as to avoid any Buyer's remorse or authentication disputes later.
  2. Yes she has helped me-she is great.
  3. I'll second that--love Carol she's wonderful!
  4. Carol Diva is truely a Diva and I love her!
    Kudo's to you Carol!
  5. I am dealing with a slightly similar situation. My Bonanzle buyer, originally claimed her Nanny bought the bag and filed a claim with Paypal. Paypal denied the claim since they found the buyers claim of an unauthorized purchase unfounded. When that fell through she claimed that 2 seperate LV stores deemed the bag fake. I do have the original receipt and offered her the services of TPF or Carol Diva. I paid today for Carol Diva's services. How long does it take for Carol to respond?
  6. She is FAST. I recently paid for a 3-6 day turnaround letter of opinion, and got it in two days!

    Of course, be sure to be thorough when providing information, pictures, etc.
  7. I am glad that Carol has been able to help you out. Reading stories like these make me weary of selling things on eBay.
  8. I had a very similar situation to jolui and asked Carol to authenticate. She was so fast, so kind, and so professional. Now I will always ask Carol to authenticate before I list the item on eBay.

    I don't always save receipts, especially when I'm so excited about a new LV and am thinking, "I'll NEVER sell this one!". Lol. Never say never.
  9. Carol is the best! :ps:
  10. I have used Carol multiple times now. I've gotten to the point that anytime I buy anything pre-owned I always ask Carol to authenticate the item for me. Money WELL spent IMO.

  11. Totally agree. Carol is very professional, experienced and has amazing client focus.
  12. Fast, professional and knowledgeable.. a real LIFE-SAVER!!!! she rocks and

    so appreciative that someone like her is available to help...
  13. She responded in 24-48 hrs for me. She can do letters quickly too (though there may be a charge if expedited).

    Good luck!
  14. Carol is the best! She responded within 24 hours and of course the bag is authentic. I forwarded the information to my buyer and of course she doesn't think it was the same bag that she bought. Oh well! I do appreciate Carol for her professionalism and prompt response!
  15. Of course you can also forward this to eBay and PayPal. It's very important to do that!