Carol Diva & My Poupette (MPRS) - confused

  1. Ok soooo Carol Diva started - but now she has her own site.
  2. I guess I am confused as well. I though Angie started MP?
    (love your BABY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Carol diva was an employee of my poupette, and has started her own service. Which is awesome.
  4. Solves the confusion.
  5. Hmm, what's the site?
  6. THANKS =) I like him too

    OK - so she did not START MP then? because I was wondering why she would leave it then - but if she was just an employee then that makes sense.
  7. Hi!

    Angie did start MP.
  8. Hi!

    I was never an employee of MP. I was an independent contractor and her partner in the website.

    By the way, thanks for thinking my own service is awesome!:wlae:*caroldiva*
  9. waht's the site?
  10. hi carol!!!! you're the best!!!!
  11. not sure if I'll be making a no-no by posting this? Mods, please remove if I shouldn't be posting it...
    the site is:
    Page 1

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  13. OP,please visit her website and email her since this is private. Thanks!
  14. Hi Carol *waves*

    Yes, awesome service!
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