Carol and Poupette??

  1. Ok, now I am confused. When I questioned the authenticity of my BH, the vendor sent the pics to a Caroldiva@com. She wrote to me and said the bag was authentic but the quality of US LVs were going down, etc. etc. I assumed she was part of the Poupette organization but I'm seeing threads saying otherwise.

    If she's not part of Mypoupette, who is she? Have any of you used her services? I was feeling more confident about my bag after her and your comments but wonder why the vendor didn't get feedback from the Poupette folks.
  2. She used to be with my poupette and now is out on her own.
  3. My new email address effective immediately is, with an alternative email being I can no longer be reached at I have started a new website called This site is in its infancy. I will be polishing as I learn more about building websites. For right now, it serves my needs by giving me my own small corner of the internet.

    My ultimate goal is a simple to navigate website where people can go to get personalized attention with their Louis Vuitton questions, receive timely help with email authentications, and if needed, formal letters stating non-authenticity to be submitted with fraud claims to PayPal, eBay, U.S.P.S. (mail fraud claims), credit card companies, and insurance companies.

    I have so enjoyed our emails, and hope to hear from you in the future!

    Best regards,
  4. I never hear anyone hear talk about her-- is she not considered as reliable as MyPoupette?
  5. Yes she is.. she was part of mypoupette. for whatever reason decide to branch out on her own.

    If you are worried about your bag, Please take it to the lv store. I just wanted to ask, did you decide to sell this bag ? I thought I ran across a site that had this bag forsale.
  6. Carol started her own service after leaving My Poupette. When you used to send your authentication questions to My Poupette, Carol was the main person who would answer the questions.

    She is absolutely trustworthy and knows her stuff. :flowers:
  7. Thanks! Yes, I should be in SF late this week and plan to take it to the LV store. I know I'm a Nervous Nelly but when I see that crooked stitching and frayed leather my blood starts to boil. I would like the manager to explain why/how LV can let their products go out the door like that.

    Nope, I haven't decided to sell the bag. If for some reason it's not real and I have problems with getting my money back, I will keep it as an expensive lesson learned. :throwup:
  8. Carol is great shes been very good to me. She started her own site late last year and sent me an e-mail about it. I would 100% trust her about LV.
  9. Is this the bag from Loriels? I know her, she is absolutely, positively the real deal. She would never sell a fake bag. She is an ALVA member with the highest standards :smile: . You can absolutely trust her. And I echo what others have said about Carol and her authentication services.
  10. Yes, it is from Loriels Boutique. She seems very accomodating and I'm sure there won't be any problems. I've just been reading about others who may have purchased from a geniune seller who may have unknowingly bought a fake from someone else. I am feeling more confident I got the real deal.

    I wonder if there are any fakes that even fool a LV manager?? But I guess if it has fooled him/her, should you even care??
  11. I suppose there could be some unexperienced LV employees, especially with vintage pieces. A good practice is to always ask for a manager or someone with a lot of experience.

    And as far as Lorieals ~ She's one of the best sellers on Ebay. She is very conscientious and would never sell something that was not authentic. I trust her implicitly and would buy any LV from her ~ sight unseen.
  12. Carol is a good resource for authentication. As others have said, she was the main My Poupette authenticator. I am glad she is spreading her wings and out on her own helping the LV world fight fakes one at a time.

    Also Lorieals Boutique is very trustworthy and her lovely bags are always authentic and excatly as they are described. She is one of the very best sellers of LV on ebay. I trust her completely 100%.