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  1. ok so i posted this question at tfs too, i really need some ideas!

    i wanna dress up as mia wallace from pulp fiction this saturday. i have the black wig and everything.the problem: does anyone know what i can do so that it looks like the syringe i bought is sticking out of my chest? i don't know how i can make it stick!

    any suggestions?
  2. How about stick the syringe on the dress with fabric glue? You have to remove the needle of course LOL
  3. Wrap something around your chest under your blouse that the syringe can be inserted in without going through to your skin.
  4. Mia Wallace, haha!

    I would suggest using a piece of styrofoam and gluing that on your chest... shorten the needle and stick it in! Voila!
  5. i'll try your ideas out, thanks everyone!
  6. I think this is the funniest question so far posed! I wish I was crafty, but some of the other suggestions sound like they would work. Good luck, and you should share pictures!
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