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  1. We haven't it so I decided to make one. I think I saw few here.

    I have Paris... I glued pictures from my trip to Paris inside. The best souvenir from Paris!;)
    PICT0026.JPG PICT0029.JPG PICT0030.JPG
  2. i've also got the Paris Carnet and i made into a scrapbook too :yes:

  3. hey deluxeduck!
    didn't i see u in the sunglasses forum? i wanted to ask u where u got yours!:smile: sorry, wrong thread but saw yur name.
  4. I finally got a Sydney Carnet de Voyage on a recent trip to Sydney after travelling there numerous times! I went to most places featured and took pictures of them to add to the book!
    DSC05486 (Medium).JPG
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