Carnet de bal & Filofax?

  1. Does anyone know if there are any filofax inserts that would fit inside the carnet de bal? I don't use an address book, however the carnet de bal is so cute and I really want one. Anyone know? Thanks!
  2. Ok, maybe I'm thinking the Carnet de bal isn't worth the money and I should get a small ring agenda? :confused1: After seeing everyones agendas with all the filofax inserts it's making me want one now.
  3. it's really up to you, I use my koala w/filofax, pocket size, to double as wallet. If you check out the agenda club, there are tons of great pic and idea of how to use the agenda to the max ^_^.
  4. this is tiny and only good for holding extra business/credit cards. It is far too small for writing in.
  5. ^^Agreed.
  6. I personally would rather get small agenda than carnet de bal.
  7. Got a small agenda in azur! Thanks anyway =)