Carnet de bal, do you have one?

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  1. I love the carnet de bal... I think it's going to take the wapity's place as my next planned treat! (the white mc one).

    If you have one, do you use it? Do you have a pic (or indicate me me a thread where you've posted one)...

    I love stationery and this little one is calling my name! :love:
  2. here is a pic from
    Love it!
    CARNET.jpg *click to make bigger*
  3. Yep I have a white one .. A friend gave it to me..
    I use it to hold other cards I dont use often...
    Its too small to write things in .. at least for me

  4. Thanks for answering!
  5. you can use this as a notbook?? i thought it was just a card holder...hrm. this opens many more possiblilties.
  6. its an address book(comes with an insert)

  7. ah. good. i didn't want to want something else. :smile:
  8. My mom has the white one. I really want the black one :smile:
  9. i had one and then returned/exchanged it for a tie. much more useful. i couldn't find the use of the carnet de bal since the cellphone was my phonebook. haha.