carnet de bal. Anyone with pics??

  1. hi i just wanted to know if it is big enough room for credit cards and cash. thanks:P
  2. Yep, it is :smile:
    let me locate pic's for you
  3. Awww its so cute!!
  4. thanks so much. it was hard to find pics of it open. what is the little booklet in there....i just wanted it to hold credit cards and cash like a little wallet.
  5. (thanks bag fetish.)
  6. it comes with a small address book.
    but yes it will hold cards on one said and cash on the other where the book is.
  7. I wish it held a pen too:sad:
  8. i have my licence, bank card, 2 store discount cards, 1 credit card, and medical insurance card in mine. i took out the address book though
  9. Anyone has the dimensions for this?