Carmino New ball bag!

  1. Continuing on from my thread on the Carmino Campana, here is another bottega beauty currently available to Browns boutique in the UK. Doesn't she just remind you of XMAS! :love::love::love:
    bvball.jpg bvball2.jpg
  2. Just seen pics of that bag in a warm brown colour in The Telegraph supplement. Looks fabulous!
  3. aw, gorgeous gorgeous!! love the gold hardware too. must look perfect under any X'mas tree!!
  4. Gorgeous shade of red.
  5. This bag is truly TDF! I absolutely love the intrecciato gold ring on the bag. One has to see that detail (which is different from that on the new Pyramid). Truly drool worthy. Fabulous.
  6. gorgeous!

    really hope i can get my hands on something in carmine in hk, as it doesn't work out for me to buy in the uk.
  7. tdf, I just love it!
  8. Is that Carmino or is it already Cassis, the new red shade for Resort? I somehow can`t tell them apart...
  9. thanks for posting this syma!

    my girlfriends and I were just checking this out in the boutique this afternoon and it is absolutely divine :love:

    mlbags - you mentioned the gold rings on it...I totally agree, it makes the piece even more special.
    my SA pointed out that this is in line with the BV jewelry collection...a handbag with BV jewelry on it! :tup:
  10. love it!
  11. I agree, Syma--the wonderful rich red with gold is very festive. This color is one of BV's best.
  12. the red is outstanding!
    very pretty!
  13. This is so awesome in this color. Would make a nice Xmas present for someone!
  14. this is red hot~
  15. wow!! this is sooo gorgeous!