Carmino Campana

  1. I remember a while back that someone was looking for a Carmino Campana. Just a quick note to say that they have them on sale in Bottega Veneta, Emirates Towers, Dubai. They ship worldwide to anyone who cannot resist. :drool:
  2. hi vkd, they SHIP? omg, how much do they charge for shipping? i know i posted earlier about not having to check for the ottone sloane, but can you please ask about the price and shipping cost, if you're making a trip to the bv store?

    thanks a million!
  3. Thanks for posting VKD, I saw this bag IRL and it looks amazing, I can't believe its on sale. I've spoken to some of the SA's at the BV store in Dubai (my DH visits quite regularly) and they are soooo super friendly!
  4. Hi Armcandyaddict

    I will give them a call and find out for you. Syma is right - they are so lovely in the store and nothing is ever too much trouble!
  5. thanks so much, vkd... will be waiting for news from you! :sweatdrop:
  6. Oh VKD, thanks for the heads up. Could you also find out the sale price of the Carmino Campana?
  7. aca and ms piggy,
    i see some very subtle questions but with very intense/strong intentions behind them....hehehe...

    hope both of you will have good news to share with us and pics for us to drool over soon
  8. I bet they might even make it in time for the Lunar New Year if you guys overnighted it! ;)
  9. lol, kopibaby and nymph, you are both very observant! let's just say i'm not beyond shipping a ottone sloane in from dubai if i can get it tax free and they don't charge an arm and a leg for shipping. i just hope they're prepared to accept a singapore credit card number via phone!
  10. Hi Ladies

    I just got off the phone with Bottega Veneta in Emirates Towers Dubai. I spoke with Bridgitte on the following telephone number: 00 971 4 330 0449. She was very helpful. They have the medium carmino campana on sale but there is only one left!!! It is currently 40% off.

    They had the Ferro Sloane on sale but it has sold out. They have not received any Ottone Sloanes but will call me if they do and I will of course let you know!

    The carmino campana is 4050 UAE dirhams on sale. If you look at you can see what that equates to in your currency but it works out at an approximate discount of 750.00 US dollars.

    I asked about shipping. She said that they prefer that the client arrange for DHL to collect the item from the store and pay for it directly with DHL to ensure insurance etc. As for payment, if you telephone Bridgitte now she will give you the Bottega Veneta Dubai bank account details. You can wire the money to them and they will release the item. If you are serious then she will put the item on hold for you so you don't lose out.

    She said they will not accept credit card payments over the telephone due to fraud.

    I hope this helps ladies and that somebody gets the bag!

    Best wishes

  11. Ps - there is a shipping service in Dubai called Aramex that you could look at using. I'm sure it would be cheaper than Fedex or DHL but for peace of mind I would suggest using Fedex Dubai.
  12. As VKD, said just checked out the price for you guys and 4050 AED is around 1103 USD or 1560SGD, a very good price for the campana because carmino and ferro didn't go on sale anywhere else and thanks for posting on this good deal :tup:
  13. thanks so much, vkd and syma, but it appears i am out of luck for my hunt for an ottone sloane. ms piggy, on the other hand...
  14. ms piggy,
    where are you? are u reading this thread??