Carmino Campana!

  1. For those of you who are constantly on the hunt for a wider range of colours in our fave BV style the campana, I saw a very luscious, simply TDF small campana in Carmino at Harrods yesterday. the price is £985 and if I hadn't already bought my Carmino veneta I would have been seriously tempted! I love seeing different BV styles in the seasonal colours and we have all been surprised by that gorgeous Ferro pyramid posted by blugenie :heart::heart::heart:
  2. It is a very beautiful bag. They have it in Bottega Veneta in Emirates Towers, Dubai as well.

    Syma - did you ever special order your rivet Veneta? I can't wait to see it. I keep looking at Ashley Olsen's bag on the Celebrity thread. I just can't begin to imagine what colour I would get it in.

  3. Wow, thanks for passing along the news. Wonder if the Carmino Campana will be available in the U.S.???????

    (p.s.--I've been checking out older threads on the Carmino color and have been :drool: over your Veneta, Syma!)
  4. Wow Syma thanks so much for letting us know it exists! I was contemplating special ordering one but it's great to know they already made it. I haven't seen it in the US. :crybaby: I will have to ask my SA about it. Thanks again for the heads up.
  5. Thanks for letting us know Syma. That sounds like such a gorgeous combination. I would love to know if it is available in the US. Let us know if you find anything out Mystilleto.
  6. My SA replied and said the US BV boutiques did not order this but she may be able to find out if they can transfer from overseas with an additional charge. :sad: Has anyone seen it in any US department stores or independent boutiques? I will try to call around later. I know I have not seen it at Saks.
  7. Hi Syma, did you see any other colours for the campana in harrods?
  8. VKD, I never heard back from the production dept re the rivet veneta, maybe they were tied up doing all those spring summer collection bags (hehe). Anyways thanks to a lovely Pfrmer GINGERALE I managed to get an authentic one off eBay (the exact Ashley olsen one) but there was some light distressing on the corners of the bag and the lining was also really grubby so I've given it to BV who will send it to Italy to get it refurbished and the lining and pouch changed! I will post pics as soon as I get it back!:yes:
  9. I am pretty sure they had it in the camel as well.:shrugs: Usually there are more colours in the boutiques as the concession in Harrods is quite small. So far I've seen the campana in green and coral as well as the classic ebano and nero in the smaller size.
  10. Thanks Cosmopolitan! You're a sweetie. On another note I'm surprised that this bag is not in the US, mind you the UK BV's also said that a carmino campana was not made this season and lo and behold it crops up, so there may be hope for you US girls still!
  11. Ah, a carmino campana...must've been lovely!
  12. :yahoo:

    How fabulous! Can't wait to see pics when you receive your bag back from Italy!
  13. Ah... this is what I've been waiting for.... I'm eyeing at the Campana but the black and ebano colours just do not sing to me..... so, I've been waiting hoping that they'll have the Campana in seasonal colours....

    I've been fascinated by Carmino and if they do bring in a Carmino Campana into Singapore, I might have to break my purse ban!

    On the other hand, since seeing blugenie's gorgeous Ferro Pyramid, I'm now wondering if I might now like the Pyramid better! Sigh.... BV has so many gorgeous bags that I am changing my mind by the day on which one to buy next!!!

    Thanks for the tip Syma..... now wondering if anyone can post a pic of the sultry Carmino Campana.
  14. Doesn't is seem like a bizarre concept that BV stores worldwide have to "order" what stock they will carry on a country/continent basis?? :shrugs: You would think the BV boutiques would carry everything/color in the line and the dept stores would be the only ones to have to order their stock. Aaah, I guess that's why I'm not in sales!

    I agree the campana in carmino would be drop-dead gorgeous! I hope to see pics of a lucky PFer with this lovely bag someday soon!!
  15. I agree with Blugenie. I find it so odd that the stores don't carry all the stock and they have to order it. I know in Dubai that they have a lot of exotic bags as they sell very well here. Although sadly not to people like me :sad: Maybe one day.

    Syma - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on your bag. That is fab news. I'm so excited for you and dying to see pics. I'm sure it will be gorgeous when it comes back from it's trip to Italy.

    Have you seen the little rivet bag on eBay at the moment?