Carmine New Ball Bag!!!

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  1. For everyone's viewing pleasure--a carmine new ball bag! Sorry for the quick pics but I wanted to get them posted ASAP. I ordered this from Bluefly last week and I'm in love with it!

    I'm pretty sure it's the real deal but I wouldn't mind some other input since I haven't seen the new ball bag in person. The suede lining is like the carmine venetas I've seen and seems to come with the right stuff. As long as this bag's the real deal, it's a keeper!
  2. Few more pics!
    DSCN1325.JPG DSCN1328.JPG
  3. Congratulations. It looks very pretty.
  4. wickedassin, congrats on the gorgeous red bag! Looks like the real deal to me. The red really pops!! :tup:
  5. nice red!
  6. This is easily one of the most beautiful bags I've seen for fall! Congrats again!
  7. ^Another great Carmino bag! Looks like the real deal to me, too, so wear it in good health!
  8. I like it, the new Ball bag, and even more so in Carmino....

    Btw, does this bag comes with a detachable suede pouch (as in the first pic of your 2nd post)?
  9. This is so beautiful I can hardly stand it, congratulations! and it's great you got a deal on it from Bluefly.
  10. That is a GORGEOUS shade... perfect!
  11. Congrats. Looks like the real deal. What a fun color.
  12. Beautiful handbag!!! Congratulations!!!

    You've done very well...enjoy!:tender:
  13. very striking, congratulations!! love the pink interior too!!
  14. Just gorgeous wicked! So glad you got a good deal too ~ enjoy it to bits!
  15. Wow