Carmine bag-Veneta or the new Ball?

  1. I'm so intrigued by the Carmine color for the AW collection that it's now on my wishlist to have a BV bag in Carmine! I'm sure this vibrant color will fire up the AW season!

    However, again there'll be an issue of choice: I do like the Veneta bag and have tried the Carmine one in BV boutique in Paris last weekend. However, I have only seen the new Ball bag in the online catalogue and love it as well. Have anyone seen or even own the new Ball bag?

    Which one should I choose for the Carmine bag? Thanks for the advice!:heart:

    BTW, last weekend in Paris I finally got my long-craved Magnolia Montaigne!!!:yahoo:It's the last one they have! Fortunately I called them beforehand to reserve it! Lucky me!!!:wlae: It looks sooooooooo much more gorgeous IRL and I truly love it!!! I haven't taken it back to Switzerland with me as I don't want it to be jammed in the small luggage compartment in the flight. I'll ask my bf to take it with him in the car this weekend. Will post pics then...
  2. Love the Carmine colour. Not a fan of the Ball (be it old or new style). So, the Veneta it is. I find the Veneta (the medium) is great as both a work and casual (weekend) bag. Love the Carmine Veneta!

    Cant wait to see some action pics of the Magnolia Montaigne!
  3. I like the veneta more and more. That's my vote.
  4. Veneta's always my choice, but I think the new ball looks interesting, however, I havent seen it IRL yet.
  5. Tough decision. Both bags are lovely. I would say veneta.

    Can't wait to see the pics of your montaigne.
  6. Veneta for me! And, I agree carmine is gorgeous!
  7. love veneta - so that is my vote
  8. i vote for the veneta.. it think veneta style is more versatile..and love the carmine colour, it's alluring!
  9. are u talking about:
  10. I :heart: Venetas! :tup: The more I use mine, the more I love them -- so versatile, comfortable and gorgeous. Depending on your style, IMO, I also think it's a bit edgier (for a BV!).

    Also, I have tried on both styles and LOVE the Veneta in Carmino. The new Ball style (aka the new Sloane/the hibrid!), is lovely too, but I see that one in a more classic color like Ebano or Camel (which I've seen IRL, stunning!).

    BTW, congrats on your new Magnolia too! I have a Magnolia Veneta and Magnolia is TDF!
  11. Well I might be odd man out here but I like the new Ball, I think the gold hardware just adds a gorgeous "pop" to the color that jazzes it up over the Veneta.
  12. Veneta 100%!
  13. To me, the new rings on the Ball are distracting, and in the case of Carmine, IMO, the color is special enough, so I`d go for the Veneta!
  14. Dear all, thank you so much for all the feedback and votes! I think I almost know which one I should take then: Veneta! :yes: Actually even my bf told me after we left the BV boutique that the SA was very right about the Carmine Veneta that it looks gorgeous with jeans, etc. (I was on jeans when I tried the bag).

    Nevertheless, I'll still try to go to the BV boutique to try both bags, just to be sure. Thanks again all and hopefully I will be able to get the Carmine bag soon...:p
  15. Hi Shaim, you're quite right except that the Veneta is not a Royal one. ;)

    My SA at the BV shop has mailed me the following pic comparing the two bags: unfortunately she still hasn't got the new Ball in Carmine, therefore you will see the comparison between a Carmine Veneta and a Nero new Ball.