Carmindy's eye highlighter

  1. Does anyone know what the white shimmer powder is that Carmindy on WNTW uses on everybody's eyes? I love it but don't know where to find it.
  2. I use a STILA shimmer cream that I the same way
  3. I swear by Smashbox's Butter eyeshadow for highlighting. It's not a stark white. It has a warmer base to it.
  4. I thought she used the Benefit eye brightener. I thought I read that somewhere. BTW: loves her.
  5. she does use eye bright... :yes:
  6. I use mine every day. My cuosin's BF worked the counter at Nordie's forever and she said this was the magic product of the stars. Gives a little pop.
  7. ^^Who makes it?
  8. I :heart::heart::heart: Carmindy! She can make the biggest plain-jane's look gorgeous! I'd love to see what she could do to me... :rolleyes:
  9. I love Carmindy's make-up styles!! She really does wonders for the face! Wish she was located in T.O; would paid anything to have her do my make-up!!