Carmen's visit to the emergency vet today...*long*

  1. Ugh so my poor little Chi had to go the the emergency vet today...she hurt her little leg and was holding it at a very weird angle.:sad:

    By the time the vet got in the room, though, she was fine!! The vet examined her, watched her walk, etc etc and said that Xrays were not necessary.

    Just to be safe, I had them run a CBC blood panel on her b/c of that huge dog food scare (she doesn't eat any of the recalled foods, but I was still worried!) and everything came back fine.

    I highly recommend that if you are stressed over the dog food recall, just play it safe and have their blood tested. I am SOOOO glad that I did b/c now I have peace of mind!:yahoo:

    On a sad note, though, there were so many horrible things I saw at the Emergency Clinic. One lady brought her dead dog in THE TRUNK of her car...a cat being put to sleep....a dog who had to be put to sleep...a dog with his TEETH hanging out of his mouth!:sad:

    I just want to say to anyone who works at an Emergency vet clinic thankyou so have a very heart wrenching job but you do so many good things:idea:
  2. Glad to hear everything with your puppy was ok! What happened to her paw? So glad it wasn't serious!

    I know, heart-wrenching isn't it? I have a friend who works at an emergency vet clinic and she is always bringing animals home. My boyfriend's dog, Sheiza came from her clinic. He was brought in a a very young puppy, and discovered to have bee born with no rectum! The docs surgically created one for him, and then the owners abandoned him there! My friend is always seeing animals put down because the owners just can't (or won't) pay for the treatment.

    On the flip side, they do so many awesome things there. They are the only place in this area that provides emergency service.
  3. Awww I'm glad Carmen is okay!! I'm sure you were scared to death, how is her little leg today?
  4. Poor Carmen! It's good to hear that her blood work came back okay. I hope her limp doesn't come back.
  5. awww i'm glad Carmen's ok too!! u must have been so worried! she's lucky to have a good mom like u
  6. Do you think that her leg may have fallen asleep and she was scared? That used to happen to my female Dal all the time and she would limp around or cry and then be fine a short time later
    Glad to hear that the blood test came back clean
  7. Thanks so much everyone!!

    This is what happened to her leg:

    On Saturday night, my fiancee and I helped throw this party where all donations went to one of our friends who was seriously injured (he has no health insurance).

    We were done at like 3 am, so I just spent the night at his house so I didn't wake my parents up.

    Since my dogs normally sleep with me, they slept in my sister's bed that night instead.

    In the morning, my mom went to take the sheets off of my sister's bed. She didn't realize that Carmen was still snuggled up in the bed, so when she yanked the sheets off, her leg got caught and twisted it really bad :sad:

    She is doing great though--this morning, she isn't limping or anything...the Dr. said not even to give her pain meds!
  8. Having been a pet owner for many years, I am convinced that they have odd things that happen to them, just like people. Like, when you twist your ankle and for about 15 minutes it hurts so bad, but then it is OK..maybe that is what happened to your Chi?
  9. i am sooo glad your dog is okay. but your description of the sight at the emergency clinic definitely scares me. my mom who usually brings my dog in for whatever reasons, actually saw a golden retriever dying in the waiting room ... (i don't know if that's allowed) and the owners were sobbing hysterically. now i hope i never have to put my own dog to sleep =(
  10. I'm happy Carmen is all right. I can imagine she would be hidden in the bed covers. Things happen no matter the size of the dog. One of our Boxers sprained his leg badly jumping off the bed, which he had done hundreds of times without an accident.

    I've spent more sad times at the emergency vet than I care to remember. Usually we've been able to bring our pet home with us; when I see a family grieving for one that isn't going home, I want to cry with them. And sometimes it's been us that has to make that terrible decision. All part of being a responsible pet owner.

  11. I think that is exactly what happened...ur right on the money!:yes:

    Yeah some of the things I saw there were so awful...I saw a *few* really sad things when I worked as a part time receptionist at a 'regular' vet hospital, but NOTHING like what I saw at the emergency clinic:crybaby:
  12. Good thing she is ok. My girl chi, Tulu, was running around with my other chi and then I noticed her limping. I got freaked out but within 5 minutes she was ok. I was worried that I would need to take her to the vet.