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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Hi Hermes lovers, this is my first Hermes item but not my last

    I got a LV agenda and I always wanted a carmencita since I saw it

    I bought one and will arrive tomorrow morning!So excited! They only had the light brown, red and orange, so I decided to go for the light brown.

    Does someone has it?How does it look in the agenda?
  2. congratulations! a lovely choice. I have one that moves around quite a bit from one of my Ulysses to agenda and then back again. :roflmfao: Here's my first pic of it on my mini ulysses.

  3. Very nice start!!:tup:
    I love carmencitas!
  4. thank you Bella and Costa

    I love your pink agenda, maybe I buy it in my next trip
  5. congrats and bella lovely choice.
  6. The carmecita always looks so cute hanging from the ulysses. Good choice!
  7. WOW.bella,LOVE the rainbow colour, so yummy~

    and XOXO congrats on ur new purchase, im sure there will be a lot to follow~
  8. hehe thank you everybody

    yes, there will be a lot more hehe