Carmencita agenda bookmark

  1. The Carmencita looks like a tiny Carmen keychain with a long leash and a hook to clip it into the agenda. Has anyone seen them (in TPM) at their store yet? I'm looking for one for my PM agenda (as I have a PM one for the GM agenda).
  2. hi perja,

    the carmencita it's the little baby of the carmen keychain. :yes: it's so cute. we have it in paris since 2 weeks. you can put also in a cahier ulysse.
    and it's not so expensive. Maybe around 70/80 €:flowers:
  3. Hi SiP, I know!! So cute... I love it and it's so soft too. But when I was in store, they didn't have the TPM and I wanted one for my little agenda so I'm trying my luck with the enabling power of tPF ;)
  4. That sounds so cute, I want one now!!!!!! Perja, you enabler, you.
  5. HG, it is soooo cute, you're right. I wanted one as soon as I saw it!!


    This is the PM, which has a small tassle and fits the GM agenda. Mine is fushia... And I love it :nuts:
  6. wow that is so so cute!!
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