Carmen82's Fast Growing Collection

  1. Hi everyone, here is my collection...I went from having 0 designer bags little more than a month ago, to having all of these...this forum has really been a bad influence on me! (well my bank account anyways)
    collection1.JPG collection2.JPG collection3.JPG collection4.JPG
  2. Very nice collection-
  3. Great collection- love the metallic paddy!
  4. Wow, fabulous collection. Love the all the Chloe. X
  5. Just noticed the bronze YSL, want it!!
  6. Beautiful collection!
  7. Gorgeous collection ... especially since you've only been collecting for just over a month! I know;) ... tPF has this effect on people, can't wait to see how your collection will grow!
  8. all that in a month? wow. your bank account will recover. lol. gorgeous bags!!
  9. Fabulous!
  10. Wow, you've wasted no time;)! Awesome collection though, love your Chloes!
  11. congrats, love the YSL
  12. Loveeee your silverados! it must have been a crazy month! ;)
  13. It has been! I'm so ashamed that I've bought so many bags in one month that I haven't told anyone besides my mom!
    It just gets so addicting when you see a must have bag on sale! I am trying to go on a 3 month purse ban now, but Saks, NM are both having additional markdowns this week! At least it's the start of a new credit card billing cycle ;)
  14. Nice variety of colors, very beautiful :tup:
  15. Fabulous collection!