Carmen Electra's/Hiliary Duff's bowler - striping zip - found!

  1. I can't seem to find the thread about this, but someone was looking for the bowler. I found one today! Neiman Marcus in Mazza Gallerie, Washington, DC.

    I took a little break to look for a Hobo Stam (can you believe that none of the stores my SA called had it, although everyone showed at least one of these hobos???) and saw the chesnut version sitting on the shelf.

    Anyone looking for it, good luck! Ask for Susannah!

  2. Did you happen to get the price on the bag:confused1:
  3. I think it's around $1400? I saw the price really briefly, and could have sworn it was around $1495. Then again, the lettering was really small.
  4. That's a great bag! A little too big for my taste, but it's definitely cute! Hope a tpfer gets it!
  5. STRIPING Bowler ($1450USD; measures 17 x 10 x 8") only came in Chestnut. It was featured in F/W 06 RTW Runway, the leather lined version (exclusive to MJ stores) was sold out at MJ boutiques.

    Thanks SuLi for sharing, hope a PFer gets it. =)
  6. NM at Stanford (Palo Alto, CA) also has this same bag - Chesnut Striping bowler - for $1475. It's gorgeous! HTHS
  7. Really big! but I actually like the size of this bag... I wonder why it hasn't gone on sale yet.
  8. Hey MJ experts, I need your help on color. Is this Chestnut or Chili? I am looking for this bag in the reddish-brown color (shown in pictures) but some pics of the Chestnut bags I have seen in other threads look like a dark brown chocolate color. What color is this? Thanks!
    MJ Striped _010.jpg MJ Bowler.jpg
  9. ^I'm almost positive thats the chestnut. Definetly not the chili. Gorgeous bag though!
  10. Agreed! That's Chestnut ^^ :smile: I was at Mazza Gallerie yesterday afternoon and saw it, hehe
  11. Bowler only came in Chestnut.
  12. thanks was me...i posted the pic of hilary duff and asked what it was...i really love the bag but i can't quite swallow that price tag right this moment! :shame: but thanks so much for remember!

    maybe one day soon, i'll get it!
  13. Thanks everyone for the color clarification! bag.lover, I am so impressed with your MJ knowledge!

    moodysmom10, me too! I love this bag and I am hoping to catch it on sale one day soon. Thanks for posting the pic in the other thread. :smile:
  14. if you find 2 let me know..hehe:yes:
  15. I saw this bowler at MJ SF friday...very cute!