Carmen Electra!

  1. Love the outfit! And that bag...:love: :love: :love:


  2. She looks so cute!
  3. She's so hot!! I love that outfit.
  4. Ok wow! the bag and the shoes are banging!!!
  5. I LOVE HER!!!:love:
  6. She looks great, love that bag! I love all her bags, and that her shoe collection isn't half bad either!
  7. I like her more and more the older she gets. She's so stinkin' adorable IMO!
  8. By the way, what bag is that???? Forgot to ask in the original post!
  9. ^^That's a large Chloe Betty. LOVING it on her!
  10. Forget the clothes, shoes, and bag, I want her figure!
  11. She is looking better than ever these days!
  12. Oooh! She looks gorgeous there!